Why You Suck At Tinder (Part 1)

Why You Suck At Tinder (Part 1)

I hear a lot of guys complain that Tinder is to difficult for the average guy. Guess what? It isn’t – you just suck at Tinder.

why you suck at Tinder

Lets start with photos, because, well, that’s how Tinder works. NOBODY is swiping right based on your profile. It’s based on a 2 second glance at your first photo. Most of your first photos suck ass.

How do I know? I’ve sat on girls tinder profiles, swiped left and right, messaged you guys and seen what it’s like from the other side.

I’ve also experimented with my own photos, and from personal experience, the right photo makes ALL the difference in the amount of matches I get. So what do you do for a picture?

If you are seriously cut with visible abdominal muscles, then go for the shirtless mirror selfie.


As for everybody else,


-Wear a suit, stare into the distance like you’re a Fortune 500 CEO being interviewed for a Forbes cover.

This should be a PROFESSIONAL quality photo for maximum results. Go pay a real photographer the hundred bucks.

Tell them this is what you want. I prefer not to look into the lens, it makes you look desperate. Do not smile.

Thousand yard stare shows off your manly jawline.


Okay, got the first one down? Were not done yet! Time for a cute pet picture! Bonus points if it “accidentally” shows off your biceps!

You can smile at the pet in this one. These are a great conversation starter – cute dog, mine’s named Rover, how about yours?

Don’t have a dog? Go borrow one, but just trust me, the swiped right for your dog thing is real!


This next one is crucial! Candid picture with friends – shows you’re cool and gives you instant social proof.

If your photos are all by yourself, she’ll automatically assume that your a looser. Bonus points if it has a cool background: big house, cool venue, scenic overview.

Even if these are your relatives, or an old photo, or strangers, it doesn’t matter.

I tend to shy away from using picture of girls, but use the best you’ve got – and don’t be afraid to experiment with different pictures and see what works!


The last photo should be of you doing something fun! Skydiving, snowboarding, riding a motorcycle (or sitting on one).

Something that sets you apart, makes you look cool, and makes the girl intrigued.

Again, try different photos for a few days and see what gets you the most matches! Once you find a winning combo, you will INSTANTLY notice the difference in the amount of matches you get!

In our next post we will talk about what to put in your profile (there are a couple of things that you can put that will help!).

We will also begin to talk about messaging and Tinder’s algorithms, which can make or break you getting the girl!

Need extra help? I like this program called Tinder Hacks 2.0.  It’s a pretty comprehensive course on Tinder. Stay tuned for our next post on Tinder and let us know your thoughts!

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