Why Do Good Girls Love Bad Boys? Here’s 8 Reasons why.

Why Do Good Girls Love Bad Boys? Here’s 8 Reasons why.

why do good girls love bad boysIt’s an age old question – why do good girls love bad boys? You’ve seen that bad boy charm in action in movies, books and it happens in real life, too. There’s more to it than you might think.

She’s Got Daddy Issues

For some women, daddy issues are the big reason they lean toward men who don’t necessarily treat them well. There could be a couple of reasons for this.

Her dad might have been a jerk. Unfortunate as it may seem, most women are attracted to men who are just like their father. That can lead to some serious relationship issues in the future.

In some cases, girls are looking for someone who is the opposite of their father. The bad boy charm might attract her because she is looking to rebel. This is only one of the answers as to why do good girls love bad boys.

Nice is Boring

While that may be a pretty general statement, it’s what you’ll hear if you ask any woman who dates rebels why she does it. It’s easy to fall into a routine in life.

A guy who gets into trouble or who takes his girlfriend along on wild adventures is bound to be more exciting than the calmer, stable boy next door.

Of course, there’s no reason a “normal” guy can’t bring a little excitement into the relationship. All it takes is a bit of planning and stepping outside your comfort zone.

She’s Experimenting

There’s a common misconception that women are always looking for stability and a guy to settle down with. That’s just not true.

You’ll find that many women love to experiment from time to time and between relationships. So why do good girls love bad boys?

The jerk is particularly attractive to someone who is just out of a relationship. The not-so-great guys are a fun way to blow off some steam and enjoy some fun before getting serious with a guy again.

Women know that these guys aren’t going to be the best husbands or fathers, but that doesn’t matter when all she wants is a little fun.

It’s a Fixer Upper Thing

If there’s one thing romance novels and movies have taught women, it’s that guys are fixable. So he’s not that nice, no problem, she can fix it.

The idea that love can overcome all obstacles may be erroneous, but it’s also very common. Many women feel that they can change a man, even if he is irrevocably flawed.

Blame the Media

Fifty Shades of Gray and dozens of other books, as well as movies, are often blamed for skewing women’s views of men.

You probably haven’t read a romance novel lately, but the fact is, those pages are full of unpleasant men and the women who love them.

Casting nasty guys as romance heroes may sound ridiculous, but it’s a multi-million dollar industry, so obviously it is appealing. Some argue that the books and movies give women unrealistic expectations of guys.

Confidence Wins

Jerks tend to be pretty confident in their ability to get the girl and just about everything else. That’s attractive to a woman.

It’s pretty simple for a good guy to fake this, though. Just act more confident than you feel. It’s always a turn on.

The Role Hormones Play in Why do Good Girls Love Bad Boys

The University of Texas did a study to find out just why women are drawn to the guys who are more surprising and adventurous.

What they discovered was interesting.

Women who were close to ovulation were far more likely to choose guys with the characteristics associated with a bad guy than their less hormonal counterparts.

The data indicated that hormones can fool a woman into thinking a not-so-great guy is really awesome.

Good Guys Can Still Get the Girl

romantic dateAnyone who watches movies these day could easily be convinced that nice guys always finish last. Maybe you’ve been friend-zoned yourself.

The fact is, if you know how to treat a woman, you’re probably going to find some women who aren’t interested. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance.

The trick is to find a girl who is looking for just what you have to offer. Fortunately, there are so many women out there, someone is bound to need what you have, nasty guy or not.

Nice guys don’t have to finish last. While there are several reasons a woman might go for a bad ass attitude, the vast majority of them will eventually settle down with a guy who understands them.

In the end, the nice ones do win the girl and the bad ones are on their own.

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