What To Text A Girl? Here Are Some Tips!

What To Text A Girl? Here Are Some Tips!

what to text a girlMeeting a nice girl and getting her to give you her number is one of those things that are easier said than done. It is also just the first step to getting to know her.

The real deal begins once you have her number because even a tiny mistake can ruin your chances forever.

So, before you pick up your phone and start typing away stop and think for a minute. Do you really know what to type? If not, take a moment and pay close attention to the following.

How to Start Texting a Girl?

Believe it or not, most men know nothing about messaging a girl they have just met. Or, maybe you know that already. Anyway, the point is most men struggle to get rid of the initial awkwardness and start texting the girl they like.

It’s even worse when they think they know everything about it and put off girls who never bother to even save their numbers. If you want to avoid a similar situation, you need to know how to begin messaging a girl.

First of all, don’t text her like she’s one of your bros from the gym. She’s a girl and you have to follow a proper approach. So think before you press the ‘send’ button. Don’t feel too embarrassed or stupid to send a simple message either. Just be yourself and reach out to her.

When to Text a Girl?

Like all important things in life, timing matters a lot when it comes to texting a girl you fancy. Not surprisingly, most men tend to fumble at this. They simply don’t know the ‘right’ time to make the move and text the girl. Not that, they can be blamed for not knowing though.

girl textingYou might feel the terrible urge to text her as soon as she has got out of your sight or feel wise and decide to wait. The question is how long should you wait before sending that first message to her?

Here’s a simple rule that you must follow when you have to pick up the phone and send a message to a girl you’ve met. The ideal timeframe depends on the kind of interaction you’ve had with the lady.

If you’ve just walked up to her and said hello before taking down her number, you should not waste too much time on sending the first message simply because she may not remember you.

If you have spent some time talking to each other and you know at least something about her, you can take some more time and message her after a day or two.

What Things to Text a Girl

magnetic messaging - what things to text a girlNow we come to the most important part of your texting strategy. Solving the big problem of what to text a girl can be tricky. If you want to feel any better, you should know that even the most confident guys fail miserably at texting women.

Some appear too pretentious and arrogant while others come across as phony and irritating. Now if you don’t think this through, you can appear to have all these qualities.

So, what should you text her? The solution lies in being simple and straightforward. Don’t beat around the bush for long before she loses interest in you. Here are some examples to help you.

• Hi Janet, it was nice to meet you. Have a great evening ahead.
• Hey Janet, it was good to meet you. Hope you enjoyed the concert. Take care.
• Hi Janet, it was nice meeting you. Have an awesome rest of the day.

Remember, good messages are short and simple. You don’t have to try too hard to impress her with your texts because if you start on a good note she will revert. You must also avoid coming across as a desperate, clingy sort of guy. So, avoid the following types of messages at all costs.

• Hey Janet, I am so glad I met a girl like you today. Can’t wait to meet you again. Oh, and I am going for a party next week, would you to like to come??? (Too desperate)
• Hi Janet! When shall I see you again? Girls tell me I am funnier when I am drunk, won’t you like to find out? 😉 (Too pretentious)
• Hey pretty girl Janet! Has anybody told you your smile’s just out of this world? I am sure you get it all the time, don’t you? So, how about meeting tomorrow for drinks? (Too phony)

Technology, they say, has made lives easier. Yet, men fail at messaging women and have a hard time figuring why they never return their texts. Just be yourself and pick up the phone, the right girl might just be waiting to hear from you.

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