The Biggest 2 Mistakes To Avoid Becoming a Girlie Man

The Biggest 2 Mistakes To Avoid Becoming a Girlie Man

girlie man mistakesAnybody who has ever had any trouble with women knows that there are some mistakes to avoid when you’re dating.

Seeming overeager or even taking too much time to approach someone who catches your eye is always a problem.

However, there are some mistakes that are even worse than this, because they kill your chances for success before you even approach the woman.

These girlie man mistakes should be avoided at all costs, because they can end up taking a toll on every aspect of your game, to the point where all of your future success may be compromised.

knowing which mistakes to avoid means you can expect much better results in the future.

Seeking Validation and Killing Desire

This, unfortunately, is one of the most common mistakes that all men make, and has had a tremendous negative impact on their success.

Imagine you see a woman across the room that you really want to approach.

Immediately, you feel your desire rising, you can already imagine talking to her, getting comfortable with her, sharing drinks and whatever else the night may bring.

You get up and you are ready to make your move, you smile, you approach her, you are already planning out everything that you want to say and you know that you can make all of the right moves.

However, as soon as you open your mouth, suddenly everything goes wrong. This is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid.

man failing with womanImmediately, you are shy and talking about complete nonsense, avoiding eye contact, keeping your hands to yourself, smiling like an idiot, laughing at nothing, it is a mess.

Your friends are over at the corner, cringing, desperately trying to think of something they could say to call you back, but it is already too late.

Many men are already thinking: what happened? The answer is very simple.

No matter what you may think, as much as you want intimacy and physical contact with a woman, the truth is that you also just want the woman to like you, especially if she is attractive.

Many men feel that if they can make her smile or laugh, that is already a victory, but that is also limiting.

It prevents men from taking chances like asking her out or going in for a kiss. Many are happy to have her approval without even taking it further.

Remember, however, that the two are not mutually exclusive.

A woman can like you, you can be validated, all without sacrificing your sexual energy and drive.

Remember to keep both in check whenever you make your decisions, without letting one get too far ahead of the other.

Too Much Affection Before the Sex

All relationships and interactions begin with something as simple as attraction. On the first night that you meet her, your mind goes wild.

You see her and you are immediately attracted to everything about her. Then the more time that you get to spend with her, the more you realize that she is a special person all on her own.

You go to to the movies, shop together, text back and forth, share dinner, and it feels like you have known her forever.

However, you have forgotten something very important. The two of you have not even kissed yet! This is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid.

This is another common problem that men face after they talk to the girl. They made all the right moves, did all the right things, but they are enjoying the girlfriend perks without even really hooking up in the first place.

Remember that you will have plenty of time for affection after you have enjoyed the physical aspects of seeing each other.

Try to keep it casual and enjoyable, and then feel out the rest of the situation to know how to go.

Improve Your Game by Knowing Which Mistakes to Avoid

The next time you interact with a woman, pay close attention to where your focus is so you know what mistakes to avoid.

Do you want to be more concerned with making her like you, pretending to have a girlfriend, or do you want to make a real connection?

All of these problems are avoidable, and I highly recommend you keep them in mind to know how to take the situation forward at a better pace, no matter where it is to begin with.

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