Top 7 High School Dating Tips

Top 7 High School Dating Tips

high school dating tipsDating in high school isn’t easy. High school can be a tough time for many reasons but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be fun. Here are the top 7 high school dating tips that will take you from zero to hero in no time at all.

Objectives of High School Dating

The main goal of high school dating include; developing your own personality in the context of a relationship, learning to relate with women romantically and basically having fun. Ever heard the phrase, you only live once (YOLO)? High school dating will allow you to have fun in your teenage years and live to the motto – YOLO. The following are high school dating tips to help you find and develop a strong relationship with the girl of your dream.

1. Find a girl with common interests. Ideally, you should date a girl from the same school or neighborhood because you are likely to have several things in common. This means you will have many things to talk about. Shared interests bind people together, so all you need to do is approach a girl whom you’re attracted to, whether she’s in your class or a different class. You can also date the girl next door or a girl you met while shopping or exercising at the school gym or athletics track. Keep your options open. You can approach any girl you like but it would be much easier if you approached a girl who is interested in things that you also have interest in, like a common class, say chemistry, or a sport you both enjoy. If you play high school football, a girl in the team’s cheer-leading squad may be the right fit.

2. Be yourself. There is nothing as unattractive to women as a guy who does not have his own “thing”. To get the girl of your dreams, you need to have a personality, a hobby and self-confidence. Do not pretend to like a sport or hobby just because the girl says she does. Similarly, don’t pretend to like hiking if you have never walked a mile in your life for leisure. You must have a list of things you like and things you don’t like. Even if some girls do not like your personality, you will eventually find one with the same likes and dislikes. Life is too short to change your personality to make someone else happy.

3. Make sure your relationship does not affect your school responsibilities. Dating a girl you like is a great experience but do not let it affect your studies. If you have homework assignments, they should come first. If you are in the same class with your girlfriend, you should not seat together, and be sure to keep the relationship out of class so no smiling or touching each other in class. You should also not do assignments for your girlfriend. In fact, if she asks you to do her homework because of one reason or another, she may not be the right for you. Never skip classes to spend time with her.

4. Involve your parents or guardians. Until you’re 18 years old, your parents have the final say on many things in your life, including whom you can date, pocket money and dates you can go to among other things. For a more fulfilling relationship, be sure to involve your parents in your relationship. For instance, you can invite your girlfriend for lunch or dinner at home. Any other lunch or dinner is great, but Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter holidays are just perfect for family dinners with your girlfriend. You can also accept an invitation for dinner or lunch with her family. If both your parents approve the relationship, you are more likely to date for longer, even past high school.

5. Involve your friends. Group activities are great, so you may want to consider inviting your friends, whether they have a girlfriend or not, to participate in fun activities, such as camping, running a marathon, hiking, birthday parties and any other type of group activity. The biggest mistake you can make when dating in high school is alienating your friends. After all, these are the people who know you best and will always be there for you during the hard times.

6. Do not become obsessed. When dating in high school, you may experience your first love and become obsessed. The feeling can be overwhelming and may affect all other aspects of your life adversely. To prevent this from happening, remember to hang out with the boys and spend time engaging in fun activities that you love while setting aside time for your girlfriend. Also remember that your girlfriend has a life of her own, so do not take it personally if she spends more time with the girls to go shopping, or whatever it is girls do with the free time. Obsession is a disease and you should learn to take control your feelings. After all, that is also one of the main goals of high school dating.

7. Set boundaries. Some guys in your school may have only one rule in their dating life – anything goes. For a more fulfilling relationship, you should know your boundaries and make them known to your girlfriend to ensure you don’t cross them. Boundaries can be physical, emotional or mental.

High School Dating Tips: Other Considerations

In high school, you may not have a lot of money to spend, so your dates need to be low cost. Obviously, the activities you participate in must be fun, so think movies, Halloween costume party, hiking, biking and watching local teams play in their home ground among other things. The venues for your dates must also be safe for both of you, as well as romantic. To improve your chances of success, make sure you never ask another girl to be your date on prom night, Halloween costume party, weddings and any other event that may require you to come with a date.

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