5 Effective Tips to Last Longer In Bed

5 Effective Tips to Last Longer In Bed
tips to last longer in bed
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If you’re seeking a few tips to last longer in bed, you’ve come to the right place. A whopping 75% of men are unsatisfied with sexual performance and consistently seek tips to improve performance.

It’s a common problem that can all but ruin a romantic liaison but it’s just a small hiccup that can be controlled.

First, you need to get to know thy enemy;

Stress; these factors affect much of the cerebral region of the brain which dominate excitement.

So when you are feeling stressed and need to release tension in some way, you may ejaculate prematurely.

Control anxiety: if you feel relaxed at the time of sex, you’re probably not thinking about the actual act. One key is to enjoy the foreplay, kissing, and petting. When it comes to tips to last longer in bed, the best thing to do is enjoy it.

Effective Last Longer Tips

There are many factors that go into maintaining an erection for longer. However, there is a key muscle: PC or pubococcygeus muscle, also known as the sex muscle that allows you to have better performance.

pc muscle• The PC muscle is located on the floor of the pelvis, or to be more graphic, these are located between your anus and your scrotum.

Having strong PC muscles will not only allow you to have more intense orgasms, but also allow you to have much harder erections for a longer length of.

Sounds easy enough but this sex muscle requires exercise so this is one of those tips to last longer in bed that you can start working on right away. Start flexing your PC muscle at least 100 times or more per day.

You can flex during TV commercials, while talking on the phone, at stop signs or while you’re taking a shower, but the muscle must receive attention in order to train it.

good sex position• Positions are very important, because depending on which is used you can last longer in bed.

Stimulation and excitement will impact ejaculation and these are elements you can control.

One of the ways to stop being premature, is to try a momentary interruption and change positions. This can help you control orgasm.

Also, diversify your sexual positions to determine the degree of stimulation and excitement and see which position helps you better control ejaculation.

• Finally, performing masturbation hours before having sex with your partner can instantly reduce anxiety and help you last longer.

When we were teenagers masturbation was the quickest way to get an orgasm. Now it can be an effective way to address performance issues.

Masturbation should last at least 15 minutes, during which, you stop stimulation for 30 seconds, begin again, and then stop another 30 seconds, and continue this several times, until you are controlling your orgasm.

It is good practice to control ejaculation – this might be one of the trickier tips to last longer in bed but it is worth it.

How to tell if the tips to last longer in bed are working

Make your penis erect and then try to move it; do this while you flex your sex muscle (the PC muscle).

As you move your penis you are actually making it stronger, and this helps to determine how strong your PC muscles are becoming.

In fact, some men are so strong that they can hang a towel on their erect penis and can still make the penis move up and down while holding the weight of the towel.

Food therapy to last longer in bed

For centuries, Chinese men have relied upon maintaining balance and body homeostasis with food.

Dietary choices can play a pivotal role in how your body behaves. These are some natural remedies you can try and they are completely healthy;

sea food1. Seafood; a diet rich in fish is recommended to maintain a good sex life, because it has properties that help the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

If your heart is functioning well, and you have good blood flow throughout the body, including the genital area you can be in better control and longer lasting erections.

2 Milk with Ginger; ginger is excellent for improving blood circulation. Diced fresh ginger , place in a small saucepan, add milk and put the heat on low until heated thoroughly.

Sweeten with a teaspoon of honey, and drink this preparation before your sexual encounters.

3. Almonds and Saffron; saffron has aphrodisiac properties and will help maintain a more prolonged stimulated result.

Let a handful of almonds soak overnight, and the next morning scrape off outer skin and mash. Stir well, sprinkle over cereal or yogurt and enjoy its benefits.

4. Blueberries; the power of blueberries has enormous power to improve circulation and relax the veins that are within the penis. A good option is to incorporate into your daily diet.

Of course, a healthier and stress free life is also the best route to solve the problem quickly. Combined with the physical techniques you can apply you’ll begin to realize excellent results.

Do not become discouraged if you do not see immediate results from these last longer in bed tips.

If you’re committed to resolving your dissatisfaction with your sexual performance, you’ll see results if you practice.

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