Tips On How To Text A Girl You Like

Tips On How To Text A Girl You Like

how to text a girl you likeDid she finally give you her number? Good for you! Now, you have a perfect chance to get to know her more and hopefully start dating her. Just be sure not to screw it up. Although texting is one of the main ways to communicate today, it may also lead to mixed signals and confusion if not properly done.

You do not need texting skills in order to succeed, although the skills will certainly help. If you are just beginning and have absolutely no clue about how to text a girl you like, here are some essential tricks and tips to help you along.

Tips On How To Text A Girl You Like:

Start with warm and simple lines

Start with a warm and simple line that is nice to read. This will leave the conversation open; it will also let you know if she is available to chat. You can smile a little and start a conversation or say, “Hi, what are you doing right now?” If she is not free to chat, she will tell you or text back when she is less busy. You definitely cannot go wrong here.

Use simple questions

Once you have established a connection, use easy questions to maintain the conversation. Start by asking her about her day. Ask a few questions and give her a chance to reply. As you know more about each other, ask more personal questions to show her you are paying attention.

Flirt with her a little

text flirtingFlirtatious text messages are a perfect way to create sparks.  Your texts should be short, sweet and creative. Comfort and trust build with time, but sweet and teasing texts will keep her engaged until then.

Playfully tease her for watching a certain TV show or even accuse her of trying to seduce you.

Let her miss you

Once you have texted each other for some time, lie low for a while and stop texting her back. This means if her latest text does not excite you, do not reply to it. Wait one day and text her back as if nothing happened.

Be responsive

If she starts talking about how her day was or even about her neighbor’s pet, pay attention instead of texting a simple “haha k” or “eeh“. Make sure you are responsive to her to keep the conversation flowing.

Use emoticons wisely

emoticonRegardless of how funny and playful you really are, it may be difficult to show that humor and playfulness through text. However, you can use a variety of emoticons to help you send funny and playful texts.

Be creative and invent some emoticons of your own while at it, so that she can ask about them and understand exactly what message you are trying to send her each time.

Use proper grammar

Although texting has gotten really casual these days and you probably abbreviate most words when you are texting a friend, you should not try this when asking a girl out. If not, this will show your lack of effort. Contractions like “kthx l8r m8” or “sup?” are a definite no.

Likewise, intentional misspellings like “teh” rather than “the” or even worse, adding Z to misspelled abbreviations such as “lulz” will make her mad (of course, not in a good way). It only shows your immaturity and desperate attempt at being ‘cool’, so avoid them.

Have perfect timing

Believe you me; timing is everything when it comes to replying to texts.  You should time every message before sending it. Know what the biggest turn-offs are when sending texts to girls.

In addition, if a girl takes 5 minutes to text you back, for example, try to reply after 5 minutes as well. Ideally, you should bide your time and leave her guessing if you will ever reply or not. This will surely drive her crazy.

Keep it simple and short

keep it simple stupidTry short texts to keep your conversation flowing.  Focus on making her attentive to you when she is texting. To do this, you should keep the texts flowing as much as possible.

Long texts may leave her bored as she waits for you to reply. Even worse, she may get distracted while waiting for you to text.

Organize a date

Texting is a good, low-pressure method to ask for a date. If she is responding favorably, suggest something to do together.  You can casually ask her to accompany you to an upcoming event. This way, she is more likely to accept your offer.

These tricks and tips on how to text a girl you like can help you stay on track, so be sure to always follow them.  Always remember that confident and funny guys who can also keep a distance attract girls, so try to put your best foot forward.

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