7 Awesome Things Women Want You To Do In Bed

7 Awesome Things Women Want You To Do In Bed

Knowing what things women want you to do in bed will definitely give you the upper hand! It is possible to please every woman if you know what they want – trust me! šŸ˜‰

Get her “There” Before you go for Gold

Guys, she really wants you to give her an orgasm before intercourse happens. Your lady will appreciate it very much if you take the things women want you to do in bedtime to engage in foreplay before you jump into her pants.

You will be her hero if you can give her an orgasm before penetration. The hotter she is, the hotter the sex will be!

When it comes to things women want you to do in bed, it is not all about the vagina to her. She actually wants you to pay attention to the areas that are not so obviously sexual like her tummy, neck and arms.

Stroke her gently in other areas and you will be amazed how aroused she gets. Do yourself the favor and find out where all her “hot spots” are!

A Ten-Minute Session is not Going to cut it!

Women do not appreciate it at all if you orgasm within a few minutes, not at all! When it comes to things women want you to do in bed, this definitely isn’t one of them.

The fact of the matter is that guys tend to be goal-orientated creatures and once they have reached their goal, they generally do not want to go any further.

This is bad news for the ladies because they cannot reach orgasm if you are not really into what you are doing.

premature ejaculation jokeYou need to try and see it from her point of view – how would you feel if she got you close and just went to sleep?

It is, believe it or not, the same for her.

Quickies are cool now and then, but you want to make your goal a minimum of 30 minutes if you want to keep your lady happy.

An hour would be even better, but we cannot always do that, or can we? Read my other post with tips to last longer in bed.

Teasing is pleasing and your lady will not reject the idea. You want to make her so hot that she begs you to be inside her. That my friends, should be your goal!

Chicks Dig Oral Sex!

There are not many women around who do not love it when a guy goes down on her.

If they really wanted fingers, they would most likely do it themselves and this is why they love it when you go there – they cannot possibly do that themselves.

If you can make your lady orgasm through oral sex, she will be much more obliging when it comes to satisfying you in the same way.

It is called ‘give and take’ for a reason!

Silence is Just Weird

quiet man jokeGirls hate it when guys are silent in bed. It makes them wonder what they are doing wrong so do not be afraid to verbalize how she makes you feel.

So guys, get your scream on with your lady! Sex talk is good and girls do like it even though some may not come right out with it in the beginning.

Constant eye contact with your lady while you reach orgasm is one of the best things you will ever experience, especially if it happens for both of you at the same time. Make it happen buddy!

After Sex Attention

It is not advisable to just roll over and go to sleep after sex even if you are tired. You should hold her and make her feel special.

The best thing to do is to hold her and fall asleep with her in your arms. This simple act will ensure that she wants more sex in the future.

Blowjobs and Girls

blowjob jokeIf you try to force your girl to go down on you, you will not succeed my friend!

You want to get her to a point where she really wants your cock in her mouth.

When you get that right, you will be very surprised at how willing she is next time.

Let her Teach You The Things Women Want You To Do in Bed

Girls know what girls want and the best way for you to get to know what your lady wants is to simply listen to her!

Ask her how she wants it and do her the favor. Believe me when I say that you will get a lot more of what you want this way!

Good Luck!

One thought on “7 Awesome Things Women Want You To Do In Bed

  1. It’s all about the mindset, so anything we find to be gross or confusing will interrupt our enjoyment and start a train of thought. The second a woman starts thinking during sex you’re back to square one. Which, considering most women only orgasm 15-30 minutes in but most men orgasm before the 10 minute mark, means that if 10 minutes into foreplay you go down on her and she isn’t into it, she’s at 0 minutes again when you’re at 10 and ready.

    You’d be surprised at how many women find oral sex and loud sex offputting or even disgusting. Be wary of anything submissive or loud, as women are less likely to have experienced it and more likely to have hangups about it.

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