Texting Mistakes: How NOT To Get The Girl

Texting Mistakes: How NOT To Get The Girl

texting mistakesWith the technology that we have these days, the way men flirt with women has changed. Years ago, when a man wanted to flirt with a woman, he had to either do it in person or pick up the phone and call her. With the invention of Facebook, Twitter, the cell phone and text messaging, flirting has changed.

This is good for many men who do not feel that they are capable of flirting over the phone. When a man is not able to flirt in person, he may also be bad at flirting through text messages.

There are many texting mistakes that men make while flirting through text. These mistakes can possibly ruin their chance with the woman they are flirting with.

Don’t Send Dirty Texts

Many men send dirty texts to the women they are interested in. If a couple has been together for a while, it is okay. However, if you are looking to get a first date with a woman, overly sexual texts can ruin your chances.

  • When a woman sees an overly sexual text, it could scare her off.
  • She may think that all you are looking for is sex. This could totally blow your chances of having a first date.
  • She may not be the kind of girl who is into dirty talk.

Give Her Space

When you are texting a woman, it is a good idea to wait for her to respond before sending another text.

  • If you keep texting a woman over and over again without a reply, she could get scared off.
  • You may appear over eager or needy.
  • This can give the girl the idea that you do not have much going on in your life.
  • Give her some space. If she is interested in you, she will get back to you as soon as she has time.

Have Conversations with Substance

When texting a woman, it is important to send messages that mean something.

  • Simply texting “hi” or “how’s it going”, does not do much.
  • These types of texts are okay for the first text sent, however, if you keep sending texts with no meaning, you risk annoying her.
  • If you are not the only person that is texting her, these texts will not make you stand out above the rest.
  • Sending text messages with meaning and even some feeling will keep her interested in your conversation and interested in you.

Do Not Ask Her Out in a Text

When you are ready to ask the woman who you have been texting on a date, you should never ask her via text message.

  • You need her to see that she is important enough to warrant a phone call or a face-to-face invite.
  • Asking a woman on a date via text also does not convey confidence. You do not want her to think that you are nervous and hiding behind a text.
  • While texting is a fun way to flirt, when it comes to the actual meeting, give her the courtesy and respect by asking her in person.

Avoid Pointless Chit Chat

When you first meet a woman and begin texting her, you may not be sure as to what her intentions are toward you. At the beginning, she may not even know what her intentions are yet.

  • When you are texting and trying to get to know each other that way, avoid pointless chitchat.
  • Pointless chitchat will either show the woman that you have nothing much to say, or she may think that you are not interested.
  • If the woman feels that you are not interested, she will continue talking to you as “friends” while she is texting the next guy who she feels is actually interested in her.
  • Keep your texts interesting and do not fill the conversation with fluff.

Always Proofread Texts

dirty texting mistake failWhile texting is a great new way for men to flirt with women, the technology can ruin things as easy as it started things.

  • Most phones are equipped with auto correct. This is a blessing for the guy who cannot spell, however, it can also be a curse. Auto correct does not always know what you are trying to say.Words can be corrected in a way that can seriously offend a woman. There are websites where people with awful or awkward auto corrects post the screen shots. These sites are proof enough that you can offend a woman with just one text.
  • Be sure to proofread your text before hitting the send button.

Make sure that you are Texting the Right Person

Another common mistake that can be caused by technology or carelessness is sending the text to the wrong person.

  • You may click on the wrong name and send a message that you may not want the woman to see.
  • If you and your best friend often use profanity and vulgar language while texting each other, you will not want the girl you are trying to date to see this.
  • Before you press send, be sure that the right name is attached to the text before you send it.
  • Checking the recipient first can avoid an uncomfortable explanation regarding the text that was meant for your friend.

Texting is a great way to flirt with women and get that first date; however, like every aspect of dating, there are rules that if broken, could blow your chances.

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