Become An Alpha Male: What it Really Takes

Become An Alpha Male: What it Really Takes

the alpha maleThe qualities of an alpha male can be a difficult area for men to understand as they battle to find a way forward amongst the female of the species and this confusion can start way back in school.

Why was it that the so called bad boy in the class always seemed to get the girl?

Well it isn’t actually as confusing as it first appears and by breaking down the alpha male characteristics all seems a lot clearer and even attainable.

It might even help you learn something about yourself that will help you with the ladies from here on out.

The Alpha Male

My guess is that if you are male and reading this then you are probably a beta male wanting to break out. The reason for this is that one of the most common alpha male qualities is confidence.

That is, confidence in themselves. They seem to ooze it from every pore in their body and still have some to spare.

They know that they invest everything in themselves in order to be the best they possibly can so there is never a hint of indecision or dithering in any situation.

Naturally this is picked up by females who like to think their man is in control of their life and any situation they find themselves.

Hence the bad boy at school who seems to dare where others don’t get all the attention.

Of course as we grow up these bad boy tendencies can go too far and result in social problems which are certainly most unattractive to women.

But, if the bad boy realises this as he matures he will adjust his behaviour, taking all the good parts and leaving behind the bad.

Because actually, that’s another trait. High morals.

The alpha male tends to set high standards for himself because after all, he is absolutely sure he will be the best at whatever he does.

alpha male characteristicsHowever, he doesn’t expect others to tow the line or look down arrogantly at men who differ, mainly because he really doesn’t care what you are like.

His focus is on achieving his ultimate goal, being the best.

They also seem to others to be passionate about all they discuss.

It’s as if they only talk about issues that really engage them and rarely waste time on anything they can’t get excited about. Whilst this may seem annoying to some men, women love it.

They see the motivation behind the man and realise that this chap is going places.

Of course, ultimately all females have a subconscious desire to ensure the safety of any offspring, so they are bound to seek out the smart, confident and composed alpha male…

How to Get There

Some men will naturally, thanks to their genes and family background just appear to slot into the role with little thought but if this doesn’t happen, that’s not the end of the world.

But others shouldn’t despair. Many of these traits can be learnt and given time they will be established as a new way of thinking and being.

Thing is, you have to want it. Desperately want to change and become a more decisive individual. You’re the only one who can make a change in your life and if you don’t do it, no one is going to do it for you.

This may be your first battle as often beta males are very good at finding an excuse to avoid change and will take forever to actually decide to have a go.

But once that initial decision has been made the rest follows a little more easily.
Start with looking her straight in the eye as you talk. The rest of the alpha male will gradually follow.

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