Signs That She Is Not Into You

Signs That She Is Not Into You

signs she is not into youWomen can be very confusing creatures. They sometimes will let you know that they are not interested in you, but not always. Sometimes, you’ll need to be looking for the signs that she is not into you.

Below are some of those signs:

She Fails To Return Your Calls Or Text Messages

If you get a girl’s phone number, and she does not return calls or respond to text messages, then that is one of the signs that she is not into you.

The two of you most likely did not make a strong enough connection in person. If a woman is very interested in you, then she will want to keep in touch.

She Frequently Cancels Plans

Things can come up at the last moment that force a person to cancel a date. However, if a woman frequently cancels a date, then she probably has lost interest in you.

Many women will say that they are busy because they do not want to tell the man they are seeing that they have lost interest.

She Never Wants To Hang Out With You One On One

If you are talking to a girl that always makes plans, but she never wants to commit to them, then that’s a sign that she is not into you.

A woman who is interested in you will attempt to make solid plans or tell you when she is available.

Additionally, if you have been talking to a woman online who keeps saying that she would like to get to know you better before meeting face to face, then she may not be interested in meeting up.

She Starts Seeing Another Man

Many men will try to win their ex-girlfriend back when she starts dating another man. However, this is a bad idea because the two of you broke up for a reason.

If your ex-girlfriend is dating another man, then that is a sign that she has moved on and is no longer interested in you.

She Tells You She Has A Boyfriend

girl not interested in youWhile many women will lie and say that they are single when they are really seeing someone, others will tell you that they have a boyfriend.

You will have to accept the fact that she is in a relationship. Whether it’s true or whether this is one of the signs that she is not into you, it might be time to move on.

You should not tell her that you want to be just friends with her because you are hoping that she will change her mind.

She Tells You That She Wants To Only Be Friends

A woman who does not see herself having a relationship with you may let you down easy by telling you that she wants to only be friends.

She may also compliment you by telling you that you are a really good friend.

If a woman tells you that she only wants to be friends, then it is not a good idea to try to convince her that the two of you would make a great couple.

She Tells You That She Is Going To End A Relationship But Never Does

Many women who are not happy with their relationship will start talking to another man. A woman who is talking to you but still in a relationship may hang out with you, flirt with you and hook up with you.

She may also tell you that she is going to end her relationship, but she never does. However, a woman who is serious about you will end her relationship before attempting to start one with you.

The Final Word on Signs That She Is Not Into You

There you have it; 7 common signs that she is not into you! Remember, not everyone is the same so you need to make sure that you use your common sense when it comes to finding that perfect someone.

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