Russian Mail Order Brides: Legitimate or No?

Russian Mail Order Brides: Legitimate or No?

With the rise of popular dating apps, it’s clear that there’s a growing number of people who are looking for romance online and that includes searching for Russian mail order brides. However, sometimes those applications can lead you towards a dead end, leaving you frustrated in finding a quality match.

Not many people are aware that with technology at your fingertips, you can now find beautiful and quality women to marry online. Several reputable businesses have been established to handle connecting men from North America to willing brides in the Eastern European region everyday.

russian mail order brides

There’s obviously a stigma that comes with the term, “Russian mail order bride”. Many people believe these women are shady gold diggers with an agenda — that they’ll leave you once they get their hands on a green card. I’ve been with many beautiful women throughout the years, and I can personally vouch that some of the most drop dead knockouts are Russian women. Not only are the majority of them tenacious, feminine, and intelligent — they’re also instilled with a solid moral core and traditional family values. I have a few friends that have wives from overseas – Russia and Philippines, and all are still happily married!

Powerful Russian Mail Order Brides

Russian cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Novosibirsk aren’t war-torn villages where people are looking to escape. They are now thriving and rapidly growing metropolitans that are comparable to even the wealthiest cities in Canada. Of course there are some horror stories, but there are also a number of gorgeous Russian women out there who just want a strong alpha male to love and protect them and they’ve chosen the Russian mail order brides route to get them.

Why Sumara?

A little known fact is that the hottest Russian women live in Samara. Why? Back in the 1700s, Russia was ruled by Empress Catherine II, better known as Catherine the Great. Not only was Cathy quite the character, she was also extremely competitive, so naturally she exiled all the Russian beauties from the major metropolitan cities to Samara. If you’ve ever been there, you would see that practically every girl there is a sizzler.

According to Time Magazine, even though the divorce rate in America is the lowest in nearly 40 years, it is still at a whopping 50%. That’s ridiculous. However, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) reported that “marriages arranged through [mail order bride] services would appear to have a lower divorce rate than the nation as a whole, fully 80% of these marriages have lasted over the years.” Basically the chances of an online arranged marriage working is much higher as opposed to dating in the States. Mindblown, right?

Finding the Right Service

Now that you know all about the background of Russian mail order brides, the next step is finding a legitimate and trustworthy business that can make it happen. My friends at CQMI started a great, trustworthy, matchmaking agency based in Canada — specializing in international services. They are partnered with other distinguished dating agencies in Russia and Ukraine, and they personally vet and interview every member for safety and compatibility while maintaining full discretion. They have earned the reputation of helping men and women find stable and serious relationships that will last.

If you’d like to read more about online marriage services, check out their website and order a hot Russian bride. I know the owner, Antoine, personally – so if you have any questions or reservations, just drop us a line!

Good luck!

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