How To Raise Your Status Around Girls in 6 Easy Steps

How To Raise Your Status Around Girls in 6 Easy Steps

raise your statusLearning to raise your status can really help you to improve your game, but what exactly is it? We’ll tell you everything you need to know about it.

When you think about a person’s “status”, a lot of things may come to mind. You may imagine a guy with a nice car, driving around with beautiful, well dressed women.

When you are at the club, you see the guys sitting in the VIP area getting bottle service, with a group of pretty girls hanging on him, and you think that is “status”.

You may believe that to get the girl that you want, you need to raise your status. Most men think that it will take a great deal of money to raise their status around girls.

This is not true. If you want to know how to raise your status around girls, simply be yourself.

Raise Your Status with Conversation

Having a good conversation with a girl can easily raise your status. If a girl sees that you are well spoken, confident, and capable of keeping her interest, your status is lifted right there.

There is nothing sexier than confidence.

If you are having a conversation with a girl, and you are so nervous that you are stammering, you cannot make eye contact, and you have nothing to say, you are not showing confidence, and you cannot boost your status.

How to Have a Status Raising Conversation

When speaking to a pretty girl that you are interested in, there are a few things that you should do during the conversation to let her see your confidence, and see that you are a quality man with high status.

Flirting: Flirting with a girl is the best way to show your confidence and to show her that you are interested. When you are being flirty, be sure not to go from flirty to dirty. This is a huge turn off for most women.

Be funny, but not too funny: Women love a man who can make her laugh. You can make a few jokes, however, do not try too hard to be funny.

man flirting with a womanDon’t try to impress her: When you try too hard to impress a girl, it can come off as bragging, making you look conceited.

You can tell her a few good things about yourself, just don’t go overboard. Read my other post on how to impress a woman for useful tips!

Don’t come off as needy: No woman likes a needy guy. If you are constantly agreeing with everything that she says, you may come off as needy. When having a conversation with a woman, you are allowed to have a mind of your own.

Try to make a connection: If you have a connection with the girl, your status will go up. When talking, find something that the two of you have in common. It can be just about anything. As long as it is something that you can talk about, the connection will be there.

Separate yourself from the pack: If you are talking to a beautiful girl, chances are there are other men interested in her as well.

During your conversation, try to avoid saying the things that she has likely heard from every guy.

Rather than telling her over and over that she is beautiful, try to get interested in a conversation of substance, something most men will not be doing.

You do not need to spend a great deal of money to raise your status with women. By showing them that you are a confident, well spoken man, they will want to speak to you more, and this will raise your status. Good luck!

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