5 Killer Tactics To Pass A Woman’s Congruence Tests

5 Killer Tactics To Pass A Woman’s Congruence Tests

pass a woman's congruence testsSociety views women as the more emotional sex but little do they know it’s not hard to pass a woman’s congruence tests.

Women seem to constantly ride an emotional roller coaster and can go from a big high one moment to a really low in the next.

Many men are at a loss how to handle such women, but what they fail to understand is that women often portray themselves as flighty when they are facing a man, whereas deep down they are not quite as bitchy as they act.

You might wonder why women bother doing this. It’s quite simple, really. The woman wants to see how a prospective date will react.

The woman figures that if you can put up with her melodrama, then you are capable of handling her in real life situations.

That’s the assurance every woman needs. Therefore, it helps a lot if you, the man, take her curt remarks not as an affront or a rejection, but rather as a test.

If you have set your eyes on a woman but when you approach her she acts indifferent or throws you comments such as ”Who the hell do you think you are to approach me,” keep your cool and avoid running for the hills.

Many women put up a wall when approached by a man for the first time, but that does not necessarily mean she is not interested in you.

Here are five easy and practical ways to pass a woman’s congruence tests by turning a woman’s rudeness into a moment to flirt with her and show her that you are capable of handing women who are a little bitchy.

1. Flip the Script

Surprise the woman by asking something like ”Are you trying to flirt with me?” That is sure to catch her off-guard and even mellow her a little.

Women like getting catty, but usually don’t expect a dose of their own medicine from a man and by doing this you’ll pass a woman’s congruence tests.

If you are lucky, you might even succeed in amusing her. I know it will take quite some nerve to pull this off but trust me, it’s well worth the effort. 😉

2. Misinterpret Her Comments

memeGranted, some women are that rude, but they are a minority.

Most women like wearing a mask of indifference, but are really kind-hearted.

Just assume the woman is testing you, or even teasing you. Just take the statement as a come on.

Deliberately misinterpret her question and pretend you didn’t understand her question well.

Answer her with something like ”So, I suppose you would like to know me better, huh?” She will most likely be surprised or even taken aback.

Chances are that she will be impressed by your playfulness and quick recovery. Unless the woman is very witty, she might not have a quick repartee to throw back at you.

3. Redirect

Instead of recoiling at her curt statement, take it for what it really is: a little mind game. Surprise her by responding with a compliment and tell her she is feisty or cute. Again she is likely to be surprised.

The idea here is to spin her game 180-degrees and turn a potentially explosive situation into nothing more than an opportunity to pleasantly surprise her.

4. Ignore Her Comments

womanJust brush off her rude comment and proceed with your plan.

Or, better still, pretend she said something different by saying ”Nope, I don’t feel like going for a movie right now. I would be delighted to buy you a drink, though.’

Just refuse to get caught up in her game. This is how you pass a woman’s congruence tests.

As many men probably already know, trying to argue with a woman is like trying to swim in rip currents: you have little chance of winning.

Moreover, a woman does not need a sparring partner. She needs to know that her antics cannot scare you away.

5. Pass a Woman’s Congruence Tests by Just Playing Along

Another fun way to surprise a rude woman is to turn the conversation on its head by hitting the high road.

Just play along her comments by saying something like ”I was thinking of asking you the same,” while wearing a big smile and not looking offended in the least.

Doing this meets her on the same level and intensity, and turns her confrontation into something fun.

When you approach a woman you like confidently and ask her a polite question but are instead met with a jagged comment, it’s quite easy to get deflated.

But, thinking of it as a little game or her way of testing you makes the situation a lot less threatening and easier to handle.

Bounce back two or three times before throwing in the towel.

Chances are that she will be impressed by your courage and sense of humor and you will eventually succeed in breaking down her resistance.

Passing a woman’s congruence tests isn’t difficult when you know how it’s done and it can greatly improve your game!

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