3 Kiss Closing Techniques Every Man Needs To Know

3 Kiss Closing Techniques Every Man Needs To Know

I know what you’re thinking – kissing is a no-brainer in seduction. After all, that’s the first thing you learn in the art and science of sexual attraction. Kissing is so familiar, so common that you probably hardly think about what it can do or how far it can still take you. I’m talking about the kiss close – that kiss that brings you together just when things are getting on very well for both of you. Here are 3 top kiss closing techniques every man needs to know.

The Ice Cube

kiss closing techniques every man needs to know

The Ice Cube Kiss Close is cool (no pun intended) and ultra sexy, provided it’s done well. It starts with an invitation, then gradually transitions into a playful and seductive dance. Getting the girl to do this with you is also a test of her willingness to trust you and go further with you, and her ability to let go of her inhibitions and take the plunge.

This is one of those kiss closing techniques that works really well whether you’re kissing for the first time or the 10th time. As a first time kiss, the Ice Cube can be the closer after a long verbal foreplay or flirtation.

If you’ve kissed before, the Ice Cube can throw in more fuel to the fire and can be a nice surprise to end (or begin) an evening.

Why You Should Try It

The Ice Cube Kiss is a great way to introduce a sensual stimulant into your exchange. You will be using an ice cube, so expect the kiss to be a little slow because you do have to be careful about handling an ice cube with your mouth.

However, therein lies the appeal of the whole exercise. Also, ever tried a kiss that goes hot and cold at the same time? This kiss changes the temperature of your mouth, making for a tantalizing exchange.

How to Do It Right

Use a small ice cube, about the size of a marble or slightly bigger if you prefer. A smaller ice cube is easier to handle and manipulate inside your mouth. Before you put the ice cube in, look the girl in the eye and ask her, “Ever tried an ice cube kiss?” When she says, “No” or “I’d like to“, put the ice cube in your mouth, then draw her in for a kiss.

You can begin lightly, pushing the ice cube into her mouth so she could pass it back to you. The Ice Cube Kiss lasts only as long as the ice cube does but if both of you want to keep going, nobody’s stopping you.

The Lipstick Kiss

blonde girl with red lipstick

This kiss closing technique is best for girls who wear those lovely deep red lipsticks, the kind of color that’s usually seen on the lips of sexy celebrities like Katy Perry and Dita Von Teese.

Why You Should Try It

The external goal of the Lipstick Kiss is for you to get to wear her lipstick. At least, that’s the ruse. Of course, you really don’t want to because the real goal is to get her close to you. It’s just that her lipstick is probably the last thing she’d think you’d want off of her. And that’s where the titillation is.

How to Do It Right

This technique works well when she’s actually wearing lipstick (although lip gloss works, too), and the deeper the color, the better because it kisses off of you. Many girls find this stimulating. When this happens, you can even have a laugh.

Start by drawing attention to her lips. Say something like, “I see you’re wearing my favorite.” When she says, “Favorite what?“, you go, “Lipstick. Would you mind sharing it with me?

To do this kiss closing technique well, gaze into her eyes (cue the dipping technique), then move in for the kiss. I don’t recommend a demure peck for this one. If you want to do it right, a full-on kiss works best.

Again, putting on her lipstick is not your intention but the idea is that you want to kiss her as if you want to transfer her lipstick onto your mouth. You probably would but with a kiss this sensual, having beeswax and some pigment on your mouth would be the least of your concerns.

The Thumb Wars

Thumb Wars

The Thumb Wars is a fun and light game, and with this as a kiss closing technique, it’s a win-win situation. It works well whether she’s familiar with the game or a complete newbie. This is one of those really simple kiss closing techniques and if you’re patient enough, it could offer a really nice reward in the end.

To start, coax her to join you for a game of Thumb Wars. If she does not know what it is, take her hand and show her how it’s done. The catch, however, is that whoever wins gets a kiss. It really does not matter who wins in this game because either one of you gets to kiss the other.

Once you start playing, tease her with playful banter.

How to Do It Right

Keep this game light and casual, just like you would the actual game. Make it fun and keep a light pressure on the thumb. The key here is touching the fingernail of her thumb with the pad of your thumb. Instead of pressing down hard when you catch her, try caressing her thumb instead.

If you press down too hard, you could hurt her and that will put a damper to an otherwise great game. Relax, just have fun and see where it goes.

A Few Notes on Kiss Closing Techniques

1. Not every girl wants to go with the flow but that’s all right. If she stops or chickens out, respect her decision. Maybe she’s not ready, so don’t take it against her. Say that it’s cool, then back off a little bit and stop the escalation. Transition smoothly into the comfort zone, then freeze out for a little while. Sometimes the girl needs some time before she’s comfortable enough to comply.

2. Always be the closer and the stopper. When you use the kiss close technique, you should always be the first one to stop the kiss. That way you come up as the one who controls the situation. By stopping first, you leave them wanting to do more.

3. Be discreet. Use these techniques when you’re alone together, away from prying (and sometimes judgmental) eyes. Girls want to be comfortable and techniques of seduction work best when both of you are in isolation. Alone in a comfortable cocoon by yourselves, you can pull out the stops and just go for the drama that will bring out more positive effects.

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