Josh Pellicer’s Dating Tips

Josh Pellicer’s Dating Tips

josh pellicerHave you ever met the girl of your dreams, and didn’t know what to say? If the answer is yes, you are going to need help in the dating department from Josh Pellicer.

A lot of guys have a problem communicating with the opposite sex, but it’s important to find a solution to the problem.

Don’t sit around like a wall-flower; tackle the subject head-on.

Dating guru, Josh Pellicer (photo), thinks there are “specific patterns in the successes and the failures” of men with women.

Pellicer claims to be a normal guy who wanted to be able to attract his future wife when he met her. Instead of feeling worthless, Josh Pellicer started looking for answers.

He was tired of feeling helpless in social situations and wanted to date lots of different types of women.

After trying several on-line dating tips, Josh realized this was a waste of time. He developed his own system by integrating some ideas that made sense and worked, and a few of his own.

Joshua Pellicer starting coaching people with his dating system. Soon, his classes were booked up three months in advance.

The rest is history. Josh became a well-known dating coach. Appearances on The Today Show and Saturday Night Live followed, as well as many newspaper articles. Josh hosted a radio show on Maxim Radio for years.

His system is known as the Tao of Badass. He authored a book by the same name. Josh Pellicer says the book is written for a different breed of man. The book is for a man who wants to be a bad-ass with women.

In the book, Joshua Pellicer lays out some helpful advice. One of his first lessons, is how to keep a conversation going.

The Josh Pellicer Book

sexy womanJosh Pellicer’s book teaches men to ask genuine, non-threatening questions. Women turn away from men who play games or use weird language.

Men make a bad impression if they use techniques that don’t match their personalities. Ask authentic questions without a hidden motive or agenda.

A woman must feel safe if she’s going to devote more time to a conversation.

Pellicer says real badasses have the confidence to express opinions and ask questions.

It sounds like a cliche, but one of the best ways to keep a conversation going is by being a good listener.

This may not be easy, but if someone wants to score points, they must learn. Women like men who will let them talk. Further, people who are active listeners are more relaxed in social situations.

When one is listening to a conversation, it’s important to stay focused.

Don’t let your mind stray to an upcoming football game, or some other event. Josh Pellicer describes focus as “staying in the present.”

Another way to score points is to make a women feel relaxed. On-screen tough guys handle any situation, and they are always in control. Women like men who make them feel safe.

the tao of badassConversation is just one criteria for attracting women.

There are some things a man should never do. For example, don’t talk about an ex or any past relationship.

A woman may think a man is still interested in an ex if he talks about her frequently.

Making eye contact is one of the oldest forms of confidence. Looking a woman in the eye during conversation is important.

Additionally, don’t keep your hands to yourself. A friendly touch is a good way to connect with a woman. For example, touch her lightly on the arm, to point something out.

A Pellicer man is confident and gets the girl. The coach believes the source of every insecurity stems from feeling unaccepted.

If a man gains confidence, he no longer feels unaccepted. Read the book and become a badass!

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