An Idiot’s Guide To Sending Flowers and Making a Memorable Impact

An Idiot’s Guide To Sending Flowers and Making a Memorable Impact

sending flowers to womanMost men are clueless when it comes to picking out the perfect bouquet when they are sending flowers to impress their significant others. Often, they choose the safest choice by buying a dozen roses.

Recent consumer research proves that the answer to making a perfect and memorable impact is right under their noses, through flowers.

According to the study, 92% of women surveyed said that they could remember the last time they got flowers, and 89% confessed that receiving flowers makes them feel loved and special.

Sending flowers, however, remains a mystery to most men. To help you out, I will teach you how to pick the perfect flowers for your special woman.

You do not need to spend a fortune to knock her socks off; a few pointers are all you will need. We men tend to believe that all women love red roses and the more roses we send, the better.

You thought about her, so what could possibly go wrong? First, there is nothing wrong with sending roses; however, you can do much better.

Guide to Sending Flowers

If the way to your heart is through your stomach, then the way to a woman’s heart is through her other senses.

Flowers can express a range of emotions so simply; therefore, by taking a little time to learn about the different varieties of flowers, your floral gifts will have a bigger emotional impact and display your sensitivity.

When buying flowers, you should do a few things:
• Know your girl’s favorite colors and whether she is allergic to any flowers
• Know what you intend the flowers to say
• Find a local florist
• Seek advice from the florist

Flowers for a First Date

red roseYou might find it difficult to express exactly how you feel to your new romantic interest on your first date.

The best gift you can give for your first date is your company; however, certain men like to present their dates with a single flower or a small box of chocolates.

If you know your date’s favorite flower, a single flower will do.

However, a single red rose on your first casual date may make you look cheesy, as this signifies passionate love.

Therefore, when it comes to flowers for the first date, do not go over the top, and if on a blind date, it would be wise not to bring any flowers.

Flowers for your Girlfriend

Flowers are intimately linked with the art of romance. They become symbols of different milestones and events in a couple’s lives together.

You should take note of your girlfriend’s favorite flowers and present them to her as a special bouquet.

Such a bouquet will mean so much more, and you will no longer be the guy who does not know anything about flowers.

If you want to know her favorite flowers, take note of the varieties she buys for herself or send her a bouquet of the type of flowers you bought her when you first started dating. Those will have greater impact and meaning.

If you still cannot work out her favorite flowers, try using her favorite color. If you do not know her color, you should be ashamed.

Apology Flowers

man apologizingAll relationships go through occasional rocky patches. Flowers are a good way to say sorry when you have done something silly or hurtful.

If you have been a bit naughty, try giving her some yellow roses.

Most men believe that a bouquet of red roses will get them out of any difficult situation. What you should always remember when you mess up is that flowers are a bonus on top of your apology.

An honest apology, a unique bouquet and humility will get you back on her good books.

Flowers that mean you Miss Her

white orchidIf you have been apart from each other for a long time, what better way is there to prove to her that you are thinking about her than sending a bouquet of pretty, vibrant flowers?

You can brighten up her day and earn bonus points for that simple gesture.

Some of the flowers you can send to show her how much you miss her include stargazer lilies, carnations, white orchids, and sweetheart roses.

I have nothing against red roses; in fact, you should keep them in your repertoire. However, try not to send them exclusively.

The most important thing to remember is that you can never go wrong when you are sending flowers. 😉

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