6 Easy Ways To Start Your Date Off Right

6 Easy Ways To Start Your Date Off Right

start your date off rightThere is something so special about a first date. It’s an opportunity to meet someone awesome, someone you would like to connect with at an intimate level. This makes it extremely important to start your date off right.

Every time you go on a date you hope to make a great first impression. You may fret and worry about details such as how to start your date on the right foot.

In order to do so, you need to back up a bit and first focus on where you intend to take her on the first date.

Choose The Right Setting!

The movie and dinner routine has been done to death. Movie? Why would you spend more than an hour watching the screen and munching popcorn, when you could consider an activity that would help you get to know each other better?

The first thing you need to do is create a date plan.

The plan would of course be dependent on the activities that your date and you consider fun. You can think of a wine tasting event, go bowling or skating.

You may also enjoy a fun evening together at a comedy show, before you go out for dinner.

To get you started, click here for 20 unusual and original date ideas.

Do discuss the options with your date before you finalize on one that you would both enjoy.

First Appearances Count

It is a good idea to take some time to choose the clothes you are going to wear. It is important that you are comfortable in the attire. This of course does not mean that you turn up in your favorite sweat pants.

Also have a backup outfit in case you spill something before you head out the door.

Don’t forget to use your favorite cologne. There is nothing worse than a date who smells of eau de sweat.

Do get to the venue a little ahead of time. This will ensure that you don’t look or feel hurried. Take a few minutes to ensure that you look your best.

Pop a breath mint, brush back your hair and make sure your shirt is tucked in neatly. In other words, do whatever you need to, to look and feel great.

As a dating expert I know that women tend to prefer men who wait for them and not the other way around. It makes them feel appreciated.

Look Interested

Now that you have arrived at the restaurant or venue in time, send her a message to let her know that you look forward to seeing her. Do not follow that with repeated messages.

Put away your cell phone and take some time to get comfortable in your surroundings.

You do not want to send out a bunch of messages to your friends and colleagues and have your cellphone pinging when your date arrives.

Also avoid making calls while you wait for her. Multitasking can wait until the end of the evening.

You may want to keep your cellphone on silent or even switch it off for the duration of the date. This way you can reduce distractions and give her all your attention.

If you are one of those guys who wears his Bluetooth headset through the waking hours, then remove it and leave it in the car or at home.

Resist the urge to listen to music on your earphones while you wait for your date to arrive.

She is unlikely to be pleased if she walks up to you and finds you killing time with your favorite tunes.

Start Your Date Off Right with the First Greeting

If you are wondering about how to start your date, then do remember that the way a man greets a woman usually sets the tone for their time together. You want to make her feel appreciated without getting too intimate.

man greeting woman the wrong wayA quick, tight hug is a good way to go. Don’t hold her too long or it may get a little creepy.

If you are on a blind date or are meeting for the first time after interacting online, follow the same advice. Don’t shake hands!! This isn’t a business interview!

It is important that you are relaxed and at ease with yourself. Remember, though you want to use the first few minutes of first date to make a great impression, you do not want to look too eager to impress her.

She agreed to the date so clearly she likes you.

Be charming, and just be yourself.  Make plenty of eye contact. And however tempting it may seem, avoid looking down her cleavage.

If you have a nervous habit, such as chewing on your nails or taping your fingers on the table, keep it under control.

Rather than sitting across the table from her you could place your chair a little closer to make the interaction more personal.

Manners Go a Long Way

It’s important to be polite and remember the good manners your mom drilled into you.

Give her a compliment and be sincere.

Women can see through insincere compliments that have perhaps been practiced umpteen times in front of the mirror. Something simple like, ‘you look gorgeous’ always makes a woman smile.

You want to avoid paying a compliment in the first few minutes of first date, however, you could just tell her how you have been looking forward to hanging out

Avoid the Formalities

Research indicates that a smooth conversation makes a man appear more attractive than an awkward, jumpy one would.

It’s best to avoid the conventional questions about traffic and weather.

Break the ice with a fun and interesting story that you’d like to share with her. There is nothing that brings two people closer than laughter. Keep in mind that she is probably as nervous as you about how to start your date.

When you make her smile and laugh, it also makes her feel comfortable in your company. Try to create a balance in the conversation by speaking and then listening to her actively.

It is as important to convey your thoughts as it is to acknowledge hers. Also don’t forget to pay attention to non-verbal cues.

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