Tips On How To Woo A Woman

Tips On How To Woo A Woman

how to woo a womanWith how fast paced the modern dating scene has become, it may seem difficult for many men to find women to date. Other times, and for whatever reasons, some men can feel nervous and unprepared. They will not know how to woo a woman when they meet her.

It happens to all of us, and it is okay when it does happen. While some men will be searching for a sure way to pick up women, the truth is that there is no single methodology that works for all women.

Instead, I strongly advice to keep in mind a few simple mindsets and tips, each of which can greatly improve your chances of meeting and moving forward with a woman that you are interested in.

Take Care of Yourself

Before you even step out into the dating scene, it is important to prepare yourself beforehand. Be sure to dress nicely. What this means is that it is crucial for you to neither overdress nor underdress. This can be difficult to feel out, but it becomes easier with practice and through experimentation.

Figure out what type of style works best with your general appearance and then own it. Trim your facial hair and work with a hairstyle that further adds to your wardrobe. The most important thing about appearing stylish is to appear comfortable, so, no matter what type of clothes you end up wearing, so long as you wear them naturally, you will exude an aura of style.

hygiene tipsAdditionally, proper grooming and personal hygiene is an absolute must. No matter how confident or how stylish you may be, if the woman picks up on physical traits that turn her off, then there can be nothing done to salvage that valuable first impression. Brush and floss your teeth every day, shower regularly, and pick up a cologne that works with you.

Showing that you care about your personal appearance will show her that you care about much more. Additionally, engaging in physical fitness can be an excellent way to both increase your appeal and your personal confidence. Even the most casual of physical regimens can help positively affect a lot of facets of your life.

Set the Stage

While it may seem obvious, the first thing that you need to do is show some interest in her. It’s at this stage that a lot of men seem to stumble because there is a lot of conflicting advice about the opening move. The truth is that there is no incorrect way to break the ice, so long as you are comfortable doing it. Learn to be more spontaneous, approach a girl and talk about anything.

pickup line jokeSometimes the best line to open up with can be as simple as a “hi”. Sometimes taking an improvisational acting class can help you with potential ideas as well. If anything is certain, it will help you become more confident when you are meeting with new people. Engaging in this flow of ideas can help you step into the conversation easily, while establishing for you to be comfortable in just about any situation.

I strongly advise against using rehashed pick up lines. They do not work for a reason, and originality will come off as more playful and genuine, increasing your value in her eyes.

Be Flirty

The most important thing to establish, something I strongly stress, even before you enter the flirting mindset, is eye contact. Always be sure to look into her eyes when you are listening or speaking. On a subtle level, she will immediately see your interest in her and will be engaged on that field, though it is important to not become too distracted.

eye contact jokeOnce this very basic connection is made, take it further. Talk to her and establish an emotional connection. Share stories and anecdotes with her, and always listen to what she has to say.

At this stage, it is important to feel out the conversation and see how you can work with where it is going. Being too friendly can dismiss romantic notions, while being too far out there can appear too desperate.

Engage her on several emotional levels and let the conversation take on a life of its own. The more comfortable that you are with yourself, the more comfortable women will be around you.

No matter where the conversation goes, it is important to always have a sense of humor. This does not mean coming off as a clown. Instead, show your wit, keep her smiling throughout the conversation. Rich Cromwell has some great additional notes as well, check them out HERE.

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