How To Successfully Talk To Women On The Phone

How To Successfully Talk To Women On The Phone

Learning how to talk to women on the phone can be tough? Maybe this problem began when you were an awkward teen and didn’t have the confidence to talk to the girls you liked.

This problem doesn’t have to continue. There are tips and tricks you can use to learn how to talk to a girl on the phone. Let me tell you:

What to Do Before You Call

dialing girl on the phoneYou want to relax as much as possible before you pick up the phone. Breathing exercises are a great way to quickly relax your body and mind.

Take a few deep breaths, hold for a few seconds, and then slowly exhale. You’d be amazed as how calming this simple technique is.

Having a positive attitude will also help when you’re learning how to talk to women on the phone.

Unless you’re asking for a date, there is really very little at stake.

If she says no to going out with you, what have your actually lost? Yes, you’re disappointed, but is your life over? Of course not.

The stakes are really low, especially if you don’t plan to ask her out. You really have nothing to lose by talking to a girl you like over the phone for the first time.

It’s important to have a reason for calling. When you get on the phone, you want to get to the point so as not to waste her time. Be honest about why you’re calling.

Are you calling to ask for a date? Are you calling to get more information on a subject you discussed when you last meet? If your goal is to ask her out on a date, have an activity, place and time already chosen.

Knowing what you want to say can reduce nervousness. You can jot down a few topics of conversation, but don’t make a long list.

A phone conversation is not an interrogation. When you talk to women on the phone, the conversation will evolve naturally based on what both of you say.

One method of finding common ground is to do a little research on her. You can check out her social media pages to learn more about her. However, don’t come across as a stalker because that will frighten her away.

You also need to realize that some women are private and don’t use social much or at all.

Once you have your game plan outlined, pick up the phone and dial the number. There is no reason to delay. In fact, procrastinating may make it harder for you to call and this will get you nowhere when it comes to learning how to talk to women on the phone.

You will create numerous reasons why phoning is a bad idea and scare yourself into not calling. Call her as soon as you figure out why you’re calling.

How to Start the Conversation

how to talk to women on the phone

Assuming you don’t get her voicemail, greet her in a friendly tone, and tell her who you are in case she doesn’t recognize your voice. You can start the conversation by telling her why you called.

If you’ve known the woman for awhile, and you want a little small talk in the beginning, ask about her day.

Another option is to ask if it’s a good time to talk. You should do this right after you introduce yourself. Women appreciate it when you’re considerate of their time.

If she is busy, ask her when you should call back. If she can talk now, then ask about her day or tell her why you called. If you want to ask for a date, ask her out during the first few minutes of the call.

This lets her know that asking her out is a priority and not an afterthought.

What to Do During the Phone Call

As you talk, remember to breathe so you sound relaxed. Don’t talk to fast, too slowly or too much. It’s also important to listen to what she says and not to interrupt her.

Being polite instead of rude will make a good impression. If you are naturally sarcastic, try to keep these types of comments to a minimum. They might be seen as mean or unkind.

Make listening noises as she talks to let her know you are paying attention. Even a “really?” or “okay” can help convey interest.

Asking a woman about herself shows interest. The goal isn’t to talk about you. Your goal is to convey interest in her. You can ask questions about her family, pets and hobbies.

Try to learn about her favorite music, foods or vacation spots. Keep the focus of the conversation on her, but share interesting information about yourself as well so she gets to know you better.

Look for things you both have in common.

Don’t try to force the conversation in a particular direction. Also, realize that it takes two people to make a good phone call. She has to do half the work, so don’t feel as though it’s all on you.

How to End the Call

man with phoneAfter she agrees to go out with you, you can end the call by saying you’re looking forward to the date. If you want, you can also chat for a little while afterwards.

If you haven’t asked her out for a date, the phone call should last only five to 10 minutes.

A good place to end the call is when there is a lull and it seems as though neither of you has anything else to say.

Also, be ready to end the conversation if she gives any indication that she want to get off the phone.

You can say something like, “I better let you go.” or “There are some things I need to do.” Give her a change to say her goodbyes and then get off the phone.

Things to Keep In Mind

Don’t assume that a beautiful woman is out of your league. In fact, many stunning women aren’t approached by men because their looks are too intimidating.

Men often assume that such women are already involved with someone. You can ask a beautiful woman for her number and then call her up later.

Remember that women are human beings just like you. They are half of the population and are everywhere. They have the same insecurities as you do.

Learning how to talk to women on the phone is a skill you can learn. As with any skill, you get better with practice.

In time, you will be able to talk to the women you are attracted to in person, as well as on the phone. Now go make that call!

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