How To Read The Body Language Of Women in 5 Quick Steps

How To Read The Body Language Of Women in 5 Quick Steps

body language of womenWhen it comes to the body language of women, a lot of us men tend to use the expression ‘hard to read‘ quite frequently. And, they are not really wrong because women can indeed be difficult to figure out when they want to.

Therefore, if you have had experiences when you completely misread the signs, you should seek solace in the fact that you are not alone in this.

Many men have gone down the same path and are still struggling to understand.

To be honest, women are not really as complicated as they seem. Yes, they like taking men by surprise and are usually aware of their charms.

They are not some ancient mystery that should be impossible for you to decode. All you need to do is understand the body language of women and use certain clues to your advantage.

Here are some body language clues that you need to pay close attention to.

Focus on Her Eye Contact

Women do a lot of talking through their eyes and if you’re smart, you can find out a lot about them by just paying attention to their eye contact.

If she is really interested in you, she will let you know through her eyes. This type of body language of women can be subtle or obvious.

Of course, she won’t stare at you for hours (just in case, you are expecting long stares). Instead, she will hold her gaze longer and let you know that she likes you.

Specific cues to look out for:

• She looks right into your eyes while talking to you
• She makes eye contact and looks relaxed
• She looks at you for a few seconds before breaking into a smile or shy laughter
• She keeps making brief eye contacts with you

Observe Physical Gestures

woman physical gesturesYou can learn a lot about the body language of women by simply paying attention to their physical gestures.

The way they stand, sit or even move their fingers can be some really useful signs.

For example when they like a man, they consciously and unconsciously make physical gestures that can be your cue to take the next step.

Specific cues to look out for:

• She gently fiddles with her jewelry while talking to you
• She twirls a hair strand with her finger
• She strokes any object close to her
• She sits up straight when she talks to you
• She caresses her neck, lips or collarbones

Notice Her Smile and Laughter

Unlike most men, the body language of women can tell you a lot about their inner world. So if they really like you, they will smile more often and chuckle in your presence.

Some women are more expressive than others and are not reluctant to show you that they clearly like your presence.

Others may struggle to be too open, but they will not hide the thrill of enjoying your company.

Specific cues to look out for:

• She always smiles while talking to you
• She laughs even when you are not saying anything funny
• She laughs in your presence even when you are not speaking to her

Check Her Proximity to You

body language of an interested womanWhen a woman is interested in you, she would like to be close to you.

She will feel more comfortable around you and that should give you the confidence to take things forward.

You can be surer when you are alone with her because she will be more relaxed to let her guard down.

Specific cues to look out for:

• She moves closer to you when you talk to her
• She keeps her arms uncrossed
• She leans while talking to you
• She does not hesitate to touch you on your arms or shoulders

Follow Her Voice and Speech

Even those women who are good at keeping a poker face struggle to conceal their excitement on seeing the guy they like.

Even if they can stop themselves from chuckling, their voice would give away. So, you need to be quite cautious and attentive.

Specific cues to look out for:

• She sounds surprised when you make a casual remark
• She tries to match the speed of your speech
• She enthusiastically participates in a conversation with you
• She tries to emulate your tone of voice

Women like men who can read them and treat them the way they want to.

The problem is, men do not read the signs properly and end up doing nothing or something too stupid.

If you do not want to be in a similar situation, make sure you do your research well and make the most of the body language cues.

Whether she stays interested in you will depend on how you both take things forward.

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