How To Make Your Woman Feel Special

How To Make Your Woman Feel Special

Your wife is special and so is your girlfriend. This is what I always tell my friends and most of them agree with me. Now, some men are blessed with a special woman but do not know how to make her feel special. If you are in this category of men, keep reading and you will learn a thing or two about how to make your woman feel special.

To make things very clear, I have partitioned this article into two sections. The first section points out the things you can do with your hands (not what you think) to make her feel special. The second section tells you the things you can do with your head to make her feel special.

Try out the tips in both sections because this is a blueprint on how to make your woman feel like a queen.

Use your hands

how to make your woman feel special

You may not be an excellent craftsman or a great cook but the point is that you do not have to be any of these things. Just use your hands in a creative way and you will make your lady love feel like she is the only star in your sky.

1. Cook for her
Some men believe that cooking is the exclusive preserve of the fairer sex. Personally, I do not believe this because I cook for my wife sometimes. Cook for the woman you love because it is a great way to show her you care. It’s definitely a skill that women are drawn too and think is romantic at the same time.

2. Go shopping together
Most men try to avoid going shopping with their wives and girlfriends because it is clearly inconvenient for them. The thing is, you should go through a bit of inconvenience on account of your lady. Go shopping with her and she will love you for it.

3. Clean the house sometimes
We all know that the woman is supposed to clean the house and generally keep the home comfortable. Now, this does not mean you are breaking the law when you tidy up the home sometimes. Clean the house, make the beds and get rid of the refuse. Doing these chores for your lady does not reduce you in any way. In fact, it makes you a real man.

4. Touch her often
Showing affection is not something you should do only in the privacy of the matrimonial bedroom. Your lady love needs frequent displays of affection. Hold her hands as you walk to the car. Run your hands through her hair and hug her when she does something nice for you.

5. Write love notes
Write her little notes and leave them where she can find them. You can put the notes in her shoes, in the fridge or in her handbag. These are small gestures but they are guaranteed to make her feel loved and appreciated.

6. Read to her
I am not implying that your wife or girlfriend is an illiterate here. Maybe the good lady is even more educated than you are. The thing is that reading to her is a gesture of love. Read out sections of her favorite books and magazines to her. This is a great gesture of affection and I bet you she will appreciate it.

7. Buy her gifts
A special gift for your love interest does not have to cost the earth. Buy her special inexpensive gifts and do this often. It is a great way to show affection.

8. Buy her flowers
You should learn to speak the language of love with flowers. Buy your lady a bouquet of flowers once in while. Better still, order the flowers and have them delivered to her at work.

9. Notice changes and express yourself
Women love to be complimented and your lady is not an exception. She has a new hairstyle and you have noticed so do not pretend to be deaf and dumb. Compliment her and pat the hair gently to show you appreciate the new style. Do the same thing when she wears a new outfit because this is how to make her feel special.

10. Light candles at home
You do not have to wait for Valentine’s Day before you have a candle lit dinner. Besides, a candle lit dinner does not always have to be at a swank restaurant. Just set the table at home, light the candles and give your lady a special treat. I am sure you will also get a special treat later in the day (wink, wink).

Use your head

i love you note

We have talked about things you can do with your hands to make her feel special. Below are some things you can do with your head to make your lady love feel appreciated.

11. Remember the little things
Go to the first restaurant that you guys went on a date on, visit the first place you kissed, take her somewhere significant for you both.

12. Remind her of good deeds
Remind your love of some of the good things she has done for you in the past. Tell her you appreciate these things because this will make her feel great.

13. Remember her friends and relations
Take a healthy interest in people that matter to your woman. These include her friends, relations and professional colleagues. Show her you care about the people that matter to her and she will love you for it.

14. Confide in her
Most women do not want to fell left out of things. Discuss your plans with your lady because this will make her feel valued and special.

15. Watch TV together
You may not like the movies and TV programs your lady love likes to watch. Now, this should not become a source of friction. Compromise is the name of the game. Make the effort and watch the programs she likes and she will definitely appreciate this.

16. Look out for her
Women are called the weaker sex and this is what they are (even though some feminists may disagree). Look out for your woman and take good decisions on her behalf sometimes.

17. Give her pleasant surprises
Buy her a gift without telling her and leave it in her bag. Go to her office with a menu from a swank restaurant and tell her to choose what she wants to eat in advance. Most women love pleasant surprises so you should surprise your woman often.

18. Spoil your woman
Do not leave it to your lady love to tell you what she wants all the time. Use your initiative and surprise her sometimes. Pay for a massage, a manicure and a facial without telling her in advance. Spring this on her one weekend and she will be delighted.

19. Take her out often
Dinner dates with your woman keep the zing in the relationship. Take her out often and let her know your love for her is still as strong now as it was way back when.

20. Pay attention
This is the best thing you can do for the woman you love. Pay attention when she is speaking to you. Make her problems your problems and let her know you are always there for her.

Final word on How To Make your Woman Feel Special

I recommend the tips above to all smart guys out there. Carry out these tips and your relationship will stand the test of time.

One thought on “How To Make Your Woman Feel Special

  1. Cooking for her would be okay if she were sick, otherwise she plainly states cooking is her place, the kitchen is her domain. 2, 9, 12, 14,16 and 20 would be okay.
    Number 17?? Do such for a woman who broke up with a man because he bought her a $1500 engagement ring, which she considered to be childish and attempting to buy her love. Not hardly!
    The others would have her literally calling me a p***y or wimp.

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