How To Make A Woman Laugh And Win Her Over

How To Make A Woman Laugh And Win Her Over

how to make a woman laughMarilyn Monroe once said that, “If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything”. As science has come to find out, there is a lot of truth to this — women are suckers for funny people. In fact, I think that it takes a very intelligent (or goofy) man to make a woman, or anyone else for that matter, laugh.

A research carried out by Stanford University School of Medicine reveals that women are evolving into creatures that appreciate a good sense of humor, while men evolve to be humorous.

So now that it is a scientific fact that women are attracted to funny men, it’s time I showed you how to take advantage of this strange phenomenon and actually land yourself the woman of your dreams.

Here are some tips on how to make a woman laugh:

Don’t Rush Into It

Now that it is apparent that it is important to make women laugh, most men would rush into it and display their goofy side on the first date. You should basically keep this super power secret until at least on the third date. Heck, even Clark Kent keeps his abilities hidden from Lois Lane and the rest of his friends. 🙂

At the early stages of courtship, focus more on what I like to call, the Three Cs — Courtesy, Charm and Charisma.

Laugh at Her Jokes

To most men, making a girl laugh isn’t rocket science, and such things come naturally. However, most of them tend to overdo it, making the girl feel out of place. Try looking at it this way, if you were in the presence of a very intelligent person, and they kept talking about all these technical stuff, you’d be trying your best to share what you know about the subject, no matter how little it is.

Now imagine that this person made it seem like what you were saying was either trivial or something they already knew. Of course you’d feel like you were in the wrong crowd. The same goes for women. If you are not laughing at her jokes, or at least putting in the effort, she’d soon feel uncomfortable being around you.


Naturally, women are born to share. They will share their food, their hearts, their love and countless stories of their day or childhood. For this reason, it is important that you listen and counter with funny stories about your day or childhood.

Sharing intimate memories with a woman makes them feel comfortable around you. Sharing funny stories on the other hand will earn you dating points. Note that these are the kinds of stuff she’ll be talking about when she goes back to her friends who will be curious about how the date went.

As unfair as it sounds, when it comes to courtship, you’ll need to work on how to impress both the girl and her female friends, despite the fact that they are not there with you at the moment.


Learning how to make a girl laugh isn’t difficult. All you have to do is work on your delivery. Don’t make it look like you are trying too hard to make her laugh (even though this might come in handy when you are already dating and she’s has a lot in her mind). You need to work on how to deliver your jokes or stories with a straight face, kind of like it just comes naturally.

So don’t expect her to laugh at all your jokes, but rather let her decide what was funny and what wasn’t. If you try too hard, you’ll make the whole thing awkward.

First Impression is Everything When Learning How to Make a Woman Laugh

Simply because your mum is always telling you how good you are with impressions doesn’t make you James Bond with the ladies. Your mom is programmed to love everything about you, and her Intel can be misleading most of the time.

If it comes naturally and you are able to create a good first impression, then everything will be okay. However, if you only rely on your mum’s opinion, then you should consider working on your presentation.

Check Your Ego

Apart from Beyonce Knowles, who apparently, “loves his big ego” (Google it!), most women enjoy the company of men who throw in a little self-criticism every now and then.

The best part about self-deprecating is the fact that, by now, you’ll have already made a good first impression, and she will view your humor as humility. This earns you gold points in the dating game. Just try not to make yourself look like a loser.


To most women, confidence is a turn-on. However, taking it too far to a point where you display a sense of entitlement will not look good on you. Keep things simple and let her find out of your accomplishments on her own.


Your ability to quote lines from popular TV programs might reel her in, but only for a short period of time. Instead of trying too hard to be Barney Stinson, work on your own lines and impress her with originality. If something made you genuinely laugh today, chances are that it will make her laugh too.

Laugh at Yourself

If you are on a date and you trip and fall, don’t make it awkward by trying to pretend it didn’t happen. Make a gag out of it and laugh out loud. This shows her that you are able to see the lighter side of things. In fact, such characteristics show that you are a dependable person who will always find a way to solve difficult problems without getting all stressed up about them.

Be Yourself

Trying to be something or someone you are not is not only hard on your behalf, but will eventually chase your girl away if you get caught. While there’s no harm in trying new materials to make your date laugh, forgetting who you are can have detrimental side effects.

Being yourself can be attractive to a girl who will realize that you live a life of your own and care little of what others feel about you.

Be Comfortable Around Her

Building confidence around a girl can be difficult to most people, especially on first dates. You have no idea what she will like or dislike about you and you are bound to mess up here and there. However, you need to realize that your date must have seen something good about you before she agreed to go out with you.

Wear some nice clothes, fix your hair and bring some money with you. If you can’t afford to take her to a fancy restaurant, then don’t break your bank. Take her to a nice hotel where you can seat down and just enjoy your time together without the pressure of spending more than you can afford.

If she really likes you, she won’t mind where the two of you go.

Use the first time together to learn about her — what she likes, what she hates, her short and long term goals, and places she’s always wanted to visit. With this information, you’ll know the best way to act around her, places to take her and other ways to impress her.

Dating a girl is all about being creative and finding new lines to make her laugh. You need to show her that you are different from other men and that you have a lot more to bring to the table. Put yourself in her shoes and determine what would make you happy if the roles were reversed and you will do just fine. 😉

3 thoughts on “How To Make A Woman Laugh And Win Her Over

  1. Hi. We are not asking you to go all Charlie Chaplin on her (Even though we can bet a billion bucks that Charlie Chaplin was swimming in tail his entire career).

    Don’t be too serious with women. If you can come up with jokes and make her laugh, it triggers something in the woman’s mind. …

    a) If l just laughed this hard, that mean this guy can make other girls laugh the same way. I shouldn’t let him go.
    b) He must be very creative.
    c) He must be confident.
    d) I am really having fun with this guy. Can’t wait to tell my friends and see the look on their faces.

    But what if you are too serious? What does that say about you?

    A) Oh man! I really want to get out of here, but that might upset this guy. And who knows what he could do.
    b) I really need to be out of this place but how do I get out?

    Some women do enjoy the serous type,

    but only until they meet up with a funny guy. 😀

    I don’t work here by the way, but I know a lot about this topic and this article in particular 😀

  2. Please explain how a man making a woman laugh causes the woman to have an urgent need to have sex with the man. How can laughter be an aphrodisiac? Why doesn’t giving her compliments work? What do you do if you’re a serious person who cannot be an amateur comedian?

    All I want is casual sex with many women – I don’t want a life partner to spend a fortune on, or chain myself to. I want to stay single and have a lot of sex with many women – please advise me how to do that.

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