How To Make A Good First Impression On A Girl

How To Make A Good First Impression On A Girl

how to make a good first impressionDo you ever feel like you’re the only guy who doesn’t know how to make a good first impression on a girl? Believe me, you are not alone.

There are lots of guys, even some that are very good looking, that simply can’t make a connection with members of the opposite sex.

In learning how to make a good first impression on a girl with the following tips, you’ll be able to break the ice and move your way up to making that connection that could lead to the opportunity to take it to the next level.

What Women Really Want

Let’s forget at this moment that a woman is looking for Mr. Right, and simply focus on getting past the initial meeting. Not every woman is looking for a serious, long-lasting relationship at every moment of her life.

If you ask a woman what she really wants from Mr. Right, she might have a long list of must-haves that include the optimal height, weight, the successful career, a high-end car, and of course, the great looks.

While this might be the dreamy guy that women think they want, most want someone trustworthy with whom they can have a good time and be able to engage in meaningful conversations.

Having said that, there are certain women that will never sway from getting the perfect guy who will provide them with the upscale lifestyle and financial freedom they dream of, so it’s important for you to look at the values and qualities of the woman that interests you.

make women want youApproaching the girl for the first time takes a lot of nerve for most men, as the girl’s reaction is unknown.

For most men, lots of scenarios may be running through their minds, like whether she’s going to throw her drink on me, or tell me to get lost.

The bottom line is, you need to approach a woman with confidence to increase your chances of establishing a conversation with her.

It would be in your benefit to look your best, regardless of where this meeting would take place.

For instance, if you’re in a gym, you can still look great wearing a tracksuit that suits your physique rather than sweatpants that are overly worn, torn, or saggy.

The presentation is half the battle, and in a gym, the smell might be the other half, so if you’re going to approach her in such an environment, ensure you do before you work up a real sweat.

Forget about cheesy opening lines, as they’ll be the reason you get the door slammed in your face, unless you’re a Brad Pitt or Channing Tatum, both of whom can do no wrong in the eyes and ears of most women.

Since most men live in the real world and have to rely on their own looks and personalities, they have to be quite realistic and find the real qualities that will be attractive to girls.

When you want to learn how to make a good first impression, looking clean and attractive is always a good place to start. Everything else lies in the personality, so it’s imperative that you seek out your best qualities and let them shine.

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Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

Show her you’re interested by telling her that you had your eye on her for several minutes, possibly by commenting on something that may have occurred during that time, which would prove to her that she did have your attention.

flatteryThis is one form of flattery in the most subtlest of ways. Be careful not to overdo it, as you wouldn’t want her to believe that you were some freak that was stalking her.

Learning how to make a good first impression is all about subtlety.

Follow up by introducing yourself and shaking her hand. Make eye contact, and avoid looking at any other woman because the more you show interest in her, the better your chances will be.

Offer her a real complement, but not one that’s vague. Look at her features and pick just one, such as her smile, or her eyes.

Tell her how she has a warm smile, or that her eyes are filled with happiness. Neither of these are offensive, and are instead beautiful and flattering.

Women love complements that make no reference to sex. A woman wants to know she looks great, that she’s attractive and appealing, and appreciates being the center of attention, so make her feel special.

How to Make a Good First Impression in 3 Quick Steps

  • Be friendly and sincere, even if she seemingly turns you down this time. She’ll appreciate and remember that you’re a gentleman if you meet again.
  • Wear the proper attire.
  • Smell great. Use cologne sparingly–you don’t want her to choke, and don’t forget the deodorant!

The Role of Humour

Having a great sense of humor is one of the most attractive traits in people, and women love men who make them laugh.

Lighten up and crack a joke here and there, but never anything offensive (and no Knock, Knock jokes). Be easy-going and relaxed, calm, cool, and collected.

couple-flirtingPay attention to your body language–it says a lot about you, and far more than you might think.

Practice your approach in front of a mirror or record yourself on video to tweak your body movements so that they looked totally natural in a real situation.

The more confident and comfortable you appear, the more successful you’ll be. While you may experience a failure or two, with practice you’ll be able to master your approach.

To be successful in figuring out how to make a good first impression, one of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to watch how she interacts with others. You can learn a lot from holding off and observing, especially in a bar or club.

Many men may approach her, and if you are within sight, you can read her body language and watch her reactions to their attempts, while calculating your own finely tuned approach.

Getting close enough to hear their approaches and her replies will also help your chances. Keep in mind that every girl is different, so you may strike out from time to time, and that can happen to the best of men.

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