How To Impress A Woman

How To Impress A Woman

You don’t have to be the most handsome guy in the room in order to impress a woman. In fact, women very rarely fall for a guy based solely on his looks.

The two most important qualities women look for in guys are a sense of humor and confidence. Plus, a man has a great chance of conquering a woman’s heart if he’s a gentleman and knows how to treat her on a date.

6 simple tips to impress her

With these facts in mind, I’ve put together a list of easy tips on how to impress a woman. Follow these tips as they could be the difference between you winning her over and getting snubbed.

o Be well groomed
o Maintain eye contact
o Compliment her look
o Focus on her
o Keep off your phone
o Be a gentleman

Groom yourself well

Messy facial hair or even a sniff of body odor kills your chances with ladies. Women like well groomed men. They want men who look and smell nice all the time. You do not necessarily have to shave clean, but if you have any facial hair it should be properly maintained. Think about this: Men judge women based on how they look. Why shouldn’t women do the same with men?

Maintain eye contact

While it might be difficult to not stare or drool over a beautiful woman, you should keep in mind that women appreciate men who know how to listen. A great way to show that you are really listening to all that she says is to look her in the eye, of course, without staring. Politely nod as you listen and be sure to not just gape or look like some freak.

Compliment her look

Compliment her on how she looks and make it sound sincere. Compliment how she looks in her dress. Try this:Ā  “You look hot in that dress.” This is a great and original way to tell her she looks beautiful and it also shows that you are attracted to her physically.

Focus on her

Never try to look at other women when you are on a date. Many men think they can quickly check out other women without being noticed. How wrong they are. Women are hawk-eyed and will notice a man doing so. Although she may keep it to herself at the time, she can assume you are just another player.

Keep off your phone

Never take calls or text when you’re on a date, unless it’s something urgent. In which case, be sure to tell her why you need to pick the call or text, otherwise she can assume it is another woman.

Be a gentleman

Gentlemanly gestures never get old on ladies, so just make sure you do something great for her from time to time. For example, you can sit after she does so, open the door for her, and do plenty other things that show just how much she means to you.

You may feel it is perfectly okay to try just a few tips on how to impress a woman, but to be honest, if you try that, you will be just like all the other guys she’s dated. However, if you practice and implement all these tips, you’ll stand out from every other guy she’s dated and believe you me, she’ll be impressed. šŸ˜‰

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