The Power Of Habit & How To Create Positive Habits In Your Life

The Power Of Habit & How To Create Positive Habits In Your Life

DatingAdviceForGuys.Com isn’t just about picking up girls, it’s about being the best man that you can be (synonymous to being the best best person to date) and this starts with learning how to create positive habits in your life.

Don’t expect to date a 10 if your not a 10. We wanted to post about habits because developing good habits can be the key to making healthy life decisions.

As Brian Tracy would say, “Successful people are simply those with successful habits”. Here’s how to create positive habits in your life.

Why is Learning How to Create Positive Habits in your Life?

Habits are the, often neglected and underestimated, foundations on which your life is built.

Situated as the backbone in all pursuits of progress and excellence, they account for 40% of all daily actions.

Considering this, the decline becomes all the more prominent amidst the degenerative lives led by the masses.

Habits are the reason Alphas drag themselves out of bed at 5:00am every morning.

Habits are the reason Alphas will walk for miles, through torrential rain, to get to the gym after their car broke down.

Habits are the reason Alphas are willing to put their muscles through intense pain day after day, whilst all of the other guys look on longingly.

How to create new Habits

The basis for learning how to create positive habits in your life should be replacing negative ones with positive ones.

Start small and set yourself up for success because trying to change multiple habits at once is a recipe for disaster.  Don’t try to start with three new goals. Start with one small thing and just focus on today.

Say to yourself “today I will _____”. That is it. Setting up long term goals is setting yourself up for failure. Focus on today, and tomorrow, focus on tomorrow.

When you do complete your new habit for the day, reward yourself. Just as you trained your dog to ‘sit’ with treats, your brain works much in the same way.

This motivation behind the habit will create the drive in your head to continue it. Rinse and repeat for a minimum of 21 days.

how to create positive habits in your life

How to change old Habits

Attempting to change old habits requires a different approach. The ‘golden rule’ for changing old habits is to keep the cue and reward the same but insert a new routine that provides the same reward.

The habits and cravings that drive our behaviors, until we make an effort to look for them, are often unknown to us.

The first step in changing old habits is to become better at identifying the different components of them, in particular the Cue. This means consciously making a note of it every time you notice a trigger.

Once you become more aware of them, then you can start to dissect the habit, and come up with a substitute routine that carries the same rewards.

Keystone Habits (Lifting)

A keystone Habit is a priority habit and one that carries disproportionate results (80/20 principle).

The benefits of keystone habits ripple out, disrupting bad habits and positively influencing other areas of a person’s life.

This is one of the most powerful ways of achieving success when it comes to finding out how to create positive habits in your life.

To start lifting is the fundamental advice given to newcomers and I think this lies in it’s designation as a keystone habit.

The increased energy levels mean an increased productivity in everything else you do. The work ethic developed from lifting heavy weights allows you to stay more focused at your job.

The way lifting itself acts as a form of meditation brings enormous results to your state of mind. These are just a few of the ways in which Lifting, as a keystone habit, can kickstart change in every other area of your life.

Mirroring the common advice given, I recommend that any beginner focus on establishing a solid workout regime first and then build on their knowledge of how to create positive habits in your life.

If you want some tips on how to get started, check out my article HERE.

The thing to remember here, is WHY you are starting your new habit.

Continually reinforce to yourself the good that this will cause long term in your life. Now close your laptop and hit the gym!!

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