3 Useful Tips On How To Ask A Girl For Her Number

3 Useful Tips On How To Ask A Girl For Her Number

how to ask a girl for her numberGetting to know you….How to ask a girl for her number.

With the inception of so much sophisticated technology, dating rituals are not what they once were. It is quite impersonal to text or e-mail a girl to ask for her phone number, or seek a ‘hook up’.

The art of being genuine is lost when you and she do not look each other in the eyes and talk.

Just talk about things relevant to you and her.

When you ask questions that demonstrate your sincere interest about her preferences for music, sports or school, she will respond in kind.

Keep things on the light side. Smile and nod when appropriate, keeping eye contact while you and she chat. Be yourself.

Hopefully, being yourself does not mean swearing like an old sailor if that is what you do when you are with your friends. Be your best self, make your mother proud. šŸ™‚

Take the plunge!

I’m sure you would have thought about it on your own, but here is just a small reminder of how to prepare to ask for a date.

You have already revealed your interest in her and after running into her at school or socially, you are ready to ask for her phone number.

jokeMake a plan to once again speak to her at the usual location, school or whatever place you are comfortable.

The two of you are familiar enough to approach one another as friends now, there isn’t any reason to be bashful.

Smile your nicest fresh-from-the-toothbrush happy smile. Simply ask her if she would like you to call her and make plans to go with you to a game, movie or other event.

You don’t really need me to tell you how to ask a girl for her phone number. Let your great personality shine and she will be happy to tell you.

Now that you have her number, you and she can get to know each other better.

There will be many common interests that you share, and a few you don’t. But you are not looking for a clone, are you?

Have a shower!

I know, it’s another of those thoughts you would have had on your own, this is a small reminder of the details.

You want to be your freshest for the big event. (You called her! You have a date!) Groom carefully, dress appropriately, don’t forget the little things.

Shine your leather shoes, or wash your athletic shoes, apply deodorant and maybe the smallest dab of cologne.

men parfumeYou do not want to compete with her perfume. If you are driving make sure the vehicle is clean as a whistle beforehand.

If you are taking public transportation don’t forget to have plenty of change ready for both of you.

In any case, stop and buy a small bouquet of flowers, or a single beautiful stem. Be on time.

Whether or not you are driving, go to the door when you arrive at her home. Meet her family, be your most polite and considerate. Open the door for her to go ahead of you.

You are doing swimmingly well.

Ask if she approves of the plans you have made and get her input, where you go isn’t as important as going together. You are considerate, gentlemanly and thoughtful.

When you put another person’s interests ahead of your own, things have a way of working out well.

During your get to know each other discussions, it is best to hold back on any braggadocio, save that for your buddies.

Have an authentic conversation with the girl, allow the communication to flow back and forth.

No gossiping either, if you can avoid it. Of course, if that is what she is intent on speaking about there isn’t much you can do but change the subject.

It is best not to be roped in to that kind of exchange, you never know who knows who, or who is related to whom.

Say goodnight. Wanna kiss?

the first kissYou have established yourself as a good companion as well as a nice young gentleman who knows how to behave on a date. So, to kiss or not to kiss?

If you actually have enjoyed the date and believe she has too, yes, a gentle sweet kiss is a good way to let her know.

You are not a continental escort, ie., (Russian hands and Roman fingers.)

Do not grope or be pushy. Allow her time to kiss you too and say goodnight. There will be time for more special moments in your life. šŸ˜‰

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