How Success with Women Changes Your Life in General

How Success with Women Changes Your Life in General

how success with women changes your lifeWhen I decided to learn how to seduce women I had no idea how success with women changes your life.

When I made the decision to overcome my fears of women and to approach them in an honest and direct way, my only goal was to find a girlfriend, no matter how long it took. Eventually, I reached this goal.

However, the fact that I now have a wonderful, supportive and beautiful girlfriend is not the only thing that changed in my life.

I can tell you from my own experience that making the decision to become successful with women will not only change your dating life, but also your life in general.

Of course I am happy that I now have the freedom to approach and to date whoever I want, but the impact that my transformation to a successful seducer had on my financial life, my friendships, my happiness level and the way I look at myself are simply incredible.

Your Dating Life Impacts Your Happiness

Before I was able to talk to women without stuttering and sweating, I imagined how my life would look like if I would finally have the ability to talk to every beautiful girl without being afraid and intimidated.

I was convinced that I would be happier with the ability to seduce women than I was all the years without having this ability.

However, I had no idea how big the impact of your dating life is on your general happiness level.

I heard so many self-development coaches talking about how picking up girls doesn’t make you happy and how an attractive woman in your life is only responsible for a temporary feeling of happiness.

Well, if you ask me this is not true at all.

Today I can confidently say that your relationships with women and your ability to meet and to seduce them have a major influence on your happiness.

You finally have the ability to meet all the women that you couldn’t meet in the last decade.

You finally have the freedom to enter a relationship, because you want it and not because you are scared to end up alone. You finally feel like a real man.

How can you not be happy when you have this freedom?

Your Boss Feels Your Confidence around Women

Working on your inner game and developing the necessary confidence to approach women without shitting yourself is extremely important.

However, the women you are talking to are not the only ones who will notice your increased self-confidence.

The ability to ask women deep questions and to connect with them has a huge impact on your career, especially when you were always the shy guy who had to do the work that nobody else wanted to do, because you didn’t have the balls to speak up.

I was that guy and before I got good with women I was the last person who my boss would have recommended for a promotion.

My leadership qualities were nonexistent. This changed when I transformed from a shy guy to a confident guy.

My confidence around women automatically led to an increased confidence in all the other areas of my life.

My boss even asked me if everything is okay with me, because he was so surprised that I wanted to lead a project group. The more confidence I showed at work, the more interesting projects I was allowed to work on.

Every Single One of Your Relationships Gets Better

The relationships you have with women are not the only meaningful relationships in your life. Just think about your family and your best friends. How would it be if you could improve those relationships without any extra work?

In fact, you can. All you have to do in order to improve your relationships in general is to learn how to maintain healthy and meaningful relationships with women.

Besides the sexual aspect a relationship with a woman is the same as a relationship with your best friend.

Every relationship is based on trust and respect. I have never seen a healthy relationship between family members or friends that were not build on trust and respect.

You can read in a lot of mainstream magazines that you and your partner should have the same interests and share the same hobbies.

It’s the same with your friends. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure that your closest friends have the same or at least similar interests as you.

We human beings love to be around people who are like us and who think like us.

Once you are able to maintain amazing relationships with women who think like you, you can use your knowledge to build meaningful relationships with friends also think like you.

You Realize that You are Responsible for Your Own Life

Even though my professional life, the relationships with my friends and family and my happiness level improved, there was one internal change that had the biggest impact on my life.

Before I started to meet and date beautiful women all around the world I lived my life in a passive state of mind.

Whenever there was a change in my environment, I just reacted on it. I was not the kind of guy who actively lives his life.

This changed when I got good with women. For the first time of my life I realized that I am 100% responsible for my own life.

When you start your journey towards becoming a successful seducer you will soon realize that the more work and dedication you put in, the more results you will see.

Every phone number and every date are the result of reading blogs and books and putting the advice into practice. This will remind you of the fact that it is your decision what you make out of your life.

You can either watch TV all day or go out and meet beautiful women. You can either surround yourself with people who bring you down or you can surround yourself with positive and supportive people. The decision is yours.

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