12 Good Openers When Approaching Women

12 Good Openers When Approaching Women

good openers when approaching womenAfter years of shoving my foot into my mouth while trying to talk to a gorgeous woman, I decided to learn about pickup lines that work. It changed my life. Here’s the 12 good openers when approaching women that worked best for me.

Before I learnt how to come up with good openers when approaching women, my love life, or lack of it, was a constant source of embarrassment. I would go out with my friends, most of who were great pickup artists, and end up going home alone, depressed, and disgusted with myself. If you’re reading this article, I bet you know what I mean.

I know you’ve read or heard about kick–ass pickup lines that promise amazing results. Maybe you’ve even tried out a few of them. However, most of them just don’t work. Somehow, most of us seem to forget that women are smart, and they have the weird ability to read non–verbal signs of bullshit. Just because you read about a great opener, does not mean it will work. Today, I’ll spill the beans on the most effective pickup lines for attracting a girl’s attention damn quick.

You’ve just made the all important approach. Now it’s time to unleash the opener that will hook her. Simply put, the opener is the first words that come out of your mouth. Before I learnt how to begin a conversation with a hot chick, I used to rely on hope or luck. I know, it’s sad. However, most of us men do the same thing.

What Are Pickup Lines?

man picking up woman with pickup linePickup lines are icebreaker questions or statements that are so direct, that they seem to get us exactly what we want within the first couple of minutes of saying them. In fact, after an opener, you will get either her number or a polite brush off. It’s that simple. Sadly, guys always want to complicate things by saying that a girl is so hot that they can’t approach her or say anything smart or witty. That is an excuse caused by approach anxiety. I’m sorry to be so hard on you, but you really need to suck it up and be a man.

Now you have no excuse, dude, because below are some of the best direct pickup lines you’re ever going to lay your innocent, virgin eyes on. In fact, I think I deserve a reward or something for revealing this to you. Ok, I’m sorry for the narcissism. I wanted to get you really steamed up, so let’s get going. 🙂

Kick–Ass Direct Pickup Lines that Work

Direct openers are, arguably, the most important and difficult part of interacting with a woman you’ve just met. Assuming you’ve already brushed up with your grooming and confidence, and handled your approach anxiety, the next part will be a bit harder. As you know, nothing worthwhile comes easy. Before the proliferation of The Pickup Artists and The Game, we could probably get away with anything smart or witty. However, women are now savvy to our ways and wary of anything that that smells or looks like a pickup.

The Opener

Most pickup artists and relationship gurus are now teaching newbies to shun canned pickup lines. You need to shun PUA sites and build a more natural opener. As a newbie with no idea of where to begin or what to say, you should start slow and learn. Pick one of the canned openers and spin a smart variation if it. Keep the theme but refrain yourself from going verbatim. In essence, change the context.

Let me share a secret that most pickup artists have known for years. Most women prefer and respond to an indirect approach over a direct opener. However, a direct opener can let the girl know what you want from the beginning, so no misunderstanding or PUA games. I bet you’re now scratching your head with confusion. I didn’t promise it would be easy.

Direct Openers that Captivate Women

  • Compliment her on her style in general, her hair, or something she’s wearing. However, let me reveal a neat trick. A compliment opener should never reference her physical beauty. She’ll wonder why you did not say anything about her beauty, which will make her want to prove herself.
  • Excuse me, I just saw you from over there, had to come over and tell you that you really look pretty. Excuse my directness, but you really threw me off…hey, I’m (name).
  • Hey, my name is (name). I think you’re so cute and I’d like to know more about you. I love this opener because it’s so simple and it gets right to the point. In addition, since I’m introducing myself and offering a direct compliment, it sets the stage for potential friendship and immediate rapport.

Indirect Pickup Lines that Work

  • I’ve been sitting here talking to my friends for some time and you still haven’t said a single word. Are you shy?
  • C’mon, it can’t be that bad. It’s a lovely Saturday night, the music is great, people are dancing having fun, but you’re sitting here looking bored and minding your own business. Why aren’t you having a great time?
  • You know that frowning is much harder than smiling. Can I make it my business to make you smile in these few minutes?

There are many more pickup lines. Just don’t say something that will make you look like a creep.
In addition to direct and indirect openers, there are great opinion openers that start with phrases such as:

• Hey, can I ask your opinion about something
• I need your honest opinion on something
• Hey, I need a female opinion
• What’s your view on this issue
• Hi, give me some advice
• Excuse me; can you help me out real quick?

Essentially, there are step–by–step and killer openers, which will attract her attention, isolate her from a group, and gain her acceptance. Good pickup lines should start a conversation in a way that sets you apart from other guys in the room. They should skip over the normal, boring conversations that kill most approaches.

I hope you’ve found these openers useful. There’s a great product that goes more in-depth about talking to women and it’s actually really good. You can learn more about it here. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more tips & tricks!

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