Your Girl Not Texting Back? Here’s Your Guide To Survive!

Your Girl Not Texting Back? Here’s Your Guide To Survive!

girl not texting backBefore cell phones and the Internet, a guy who sent a note to a girl would worry like this—Why isn’t she replying? Did I come across as a creepy and needy guy? Do I write another note? Or maybe I am a loser destined to be ignored by girls for the rest of my pitiful and pathetic existence. What if her friends are laughing at my note now? OMG!!!

Today, guys think pretty much the same as they used to with an addendum—Why is the girl not texting back? There can be thousands of reasons why you did not get a reply. Perhaps NSA deleted your message while going through her phone (yeah right!). Or, perhaps her Navy Seal elder brother read it instead and is out to terminate you. Or, perhaps she is just busy and plans to reply when she finds time.

Girl not Texting Back — Scenario 1:

• Busy/In a Relationship/Bored/Not Interested and so on

Nine out of ten girls will never have a satisfactory reason for not replying to your text message. They probably feel guilty for having such a lame reason and will come up with something more complicated. Of course, you probably would have accepted the lame reason without batting an eyelid but end up freaking out when she gives you a patently fake reason for not texting.

Simply don’t bother asking for an explanation. The earth is round. The sun is hot, and she did not reply to your text. No point talking about these things. Move ahead. Give it a day and text her back. Wait for a few days before sending another message. Wait for a week the third time. Whatever you do, don’t quit until you are asked to stop.

Thinking about requesting a reply in your third message? Sure. Beg her to reply if you want to sound whiny, needy, creepy, and like a lifeless loser all at once. Would you ask for a reply if you had ten hot girls waiting to receive a text from you? Of course not. That is the mental picture you need to have when texting the girl.

When she receives your third or fourth cool text without a hint of desperation, she is going to become intrigued and she probably thinking—What? No begging. No pleading. Guy seems as if he doesn’t give a damn about a girl texting back. Whoa… need to find out more about him.

Just the scenario you were aiming for, right?

Girl not Texting Back — Scenario 2:

• You Sent Nothing Worth Replying

Duh! You need to go beyond the ‘Hey, wassup’ and ‘Hi, this is so and so and we met at the coffee shop last Tuesday’. Start a conversation. Make her think. Pose a query. Make an outrageous statement followed by a goofy emoticon. Push your boundaries. Make her think about you. Make it impossible for her to ignore you.

Such an approach has its obvious risks. What if I blow it? What if I say something weird? What if I end up annoying her? Well, why would she be interested in a wimp who worries about just a few text messages? Not the end of the world. Just a text message. Worst-case scenario—No reply. We can live with that, can’t we?

Girl not Texting Back — Scenario 3:

• You Seem Weird/Not Right/Creepy/Needy and so on.

What do you do if you scared her off? Or, managed to come across as the ultimate Mr. Wrong? I personally relish such a situation. It gives the opportunity to say something like—“Hey, my evil twin brother sent really needy messages to all the cute girls in my phone. Guess you must have got a dozen.”

Cheesy? Probably. Works? Definitely. In any case, it is the last arrow in my quiver. If she still doesn’t reply, then it is probably for the best. However, girls find it impossible to ignore something so outrageously lame. This is the contrarian bet where we guys pretend to be lame and silly so that girls realize that we are a lot smarter and cooler than their initial assessment. Well, that’s women for you.

Talking to a girl not texting back is not rocket science. It is a lot more complicated than that. It is a mixture of art, science, and pure dumb luck. So, don’t try to find a perfect formula. Follow your gut but make sure you never ever reveal how badly you want her to text back. Not until you are certain you have found Miss Right. Now, that is a whole different ball game.

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