5 Tips That Will Get You Out Of The Friend Zone

5 Tips That Will Get You Out Of The Friend Zone

So you made one of the 3 toxic mistakes and ended up in her friend zone? These tips will help you discover the typical “friend zone signs” and I’ll even give you those all important tips that will get you out of the friend zone FAST!

Let’s get started:

tips that will get you out of the friend zoneThe expression “friend zone” is very misleading. Being “friend zoned” by a woman most likely means that you’re not really considered her friend.

The expression is commonly used to describe someone who has an attraction towards another person who doesn’t feel the same.

While men have been known to place women in the friend zone, females are more renowned for telling men they do not find attractive that a friendship is all they have to offer.

It’s important to point out that she couldn’t care less if you are her friend or not. She’s simply doing this and hoping you’ll realize that she doesn’t find you the least bit attractive.

She has essentially placed you in the “Nothing zone;” a sad place that is quite dark and desolate. There is absolutely nothing – no friendship, no attraction, nothing at all.

Some guys take on the role of a friend while secretly having an interest in a more meaningful relationship.


this false friendship is just another version of the nothing zone. He wants to bed her and being her friend is really the last thing on his mind.

The following are 5 golden tips on how to escape the friend zone and stay out of it forever:

Commanding Respect and Physical Interaction

When dealing with females, commanding respect is extremely essential because “nice guys” are often seen as too soft and weak.

If a woman has no respect for a man, she won’t be sexually aroused by him.

Think about how you lose or gain respect for other men. Create the same impression in the women you find attractive that a guy you look up to creates when dealing with women.

Here’s the deal:

Know precisely what you would like to accomplish in life, stand up for yourself and refuse to tolerate bad behavior. Doing these things will help you to command respect, which is a crucial foundation to have when meeting women.

The “nothing zone” is filled with men who need to be more assertive and those who need to have more physical interactions with women. This is not suggesting that you go about groping every woman you are attracted to.

However, comfortably and smoothly touching a woman is a very important skill to have.

Using a protective approach is the smoothest method of physically interacting with a woman. Keep her safe and guide her along with your touches.

Couple walking down city streetFor example:

  • Guide her through doorways by touching her lower body.
  • When walking through a crowd, place your arms around her to shield her from passing people.
  • If she’s feeling cold, you can put your arms around her as well.

When she feels safe and protected by your touches, this will lead to more physical interactions as time goes by.


Go for what you want, take control and do not shy away from physical interactions as this will command respect from the object of you affection. Commanding respect and encouraging physical interactions will assist you in escaping the vile friend zone.

Nix the “Nice Guy” Act to Get You Out of the Friend Zone

The friend zone is also filled with guys who strive to avoid putting people in an uncomfortable position. However, because they are scared to say what their real needs are, they end up placing themselves in an uncomfortable place.

If you view pursuing a relationship as pressuring a woman or ruining a friendship, you will end up holding back and not being true to yourself.

Placing less importance on your feelings than you place on the emotions of others will create problems for you. By doing so, you are showing that you place little or no value on your own feelings.

This is a big red flag…

…as it signifies that you lack confidence and could have self-esteem issues. Find the middle ground and make it obvious that you have self worth.

Some individuals like the idea of having agreeable partners; however, many women want a man who is not afraid to take charge. Be respectful and consider her feelings but not to the point where you end up being a sacrificial lamb.

Being Needy is a Huge Turn Off

Do not make it obvious, too soon, that you want to be in a relationship. This will quickly relegate you to the nothing zone. Coming off as desperate could destroy any attraction that she felt; therefore, you should not physically or emotionally rush things.

In addition, do not be too obsessed with being in a relationship that you place her on a pedestal and assume that she is perfect.

Just relax and quit being so needy.

There are many women out there so you should realize that this one is not your only hope. Do your best to play it cool and do not show too early that you are looking for intimacy.

Most of all, be confident in all your actions.

Make a Distinction between Friendship and Romance

There is a huge distinction between friendship and romance. If you have a romantic interest in a woman, you should wine and dine her and not treat her like one of the boys.

If She Shows No Interest, Keep It Moving


You will tie up your emotions if you keep the “friendship” going with a woman who has no romantic interest in you. When it becomes obvious that she has placed you in the friend zone, you will have some hard decisions to make.

Since your feeling will be affected every time you see her, do not go around her anymore. By doing this, you will also avoid becoming jealous and frustrated when she dates another guy.

Totally breaking off the “friendship” is the best course of action to take.

Neither one of you can control your attraction or the lack thereof.


…in this case, you need to cater to your own emotions, not hers. If your decision is offensive to her, she’ll get over it.

Keep it moving and go out and seek a woman who finds you as attractive as you find her.

Avoid the dreaded friend zone by any means necessary. You do not deserve to be in that dark and lonely place. Use these tips and you will easily get out of the friend zone with your best friend, with an ex, or with a girl who already has a boyfriend.

Good luck!

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