How To Get Laid On The First Date

How To Get Laid On The First Date

getting laid on first dateLearning how to get laid on the first date is something that every guy should aspire to do. Anyone who has ever gone out with a woman after meeting her online knows how frustrating it can turn out to be.

After all the searching, asking her out, and taking her on a date, you will want to take things in a physical direction when the time comes.

You may only have one chance to do this, so, you should learn to turn that chance into a night of fun in your bed instead of a friendly hug on her doorstep.

Setting up the Date

You have successfully convinced her to go out with you; that is the good news. The bad news is that you still have a long way to go if you expect to close the deal and get laid on the first date.

What many men do not realize is that convincing a woman you met online to go out with you is the hardest part.

Actually, if you fail to score on the first date, you must have done something wrong. The thing is, most women you meet online have already decided they are going to have sex with you.

When you finally meet, your job will be to make her remember that she already likes you. Unfortunately, most men go about it the wrong way from the very beginning.

Many believe that all they need to do is go Hollywood by wearing showy clothes and buying expensive drinks.

I am not suggesting that you should go out looking like a bum. Your attire should be smart, casual and laid-back. Flashy and expensive attire will make you seem too desperate.

bad breath kissAll men should remember that women take note of small things.

Therefore, before meeting your date, take a good look at yourself.

If you really want to earn some points, make sure that your clothes are clean, you are freshly shaven, and that your nails are clean and even.

Even more importantly, and I cannot stress this point harder enough, please make sure that your breath smells fresh.

This is because at some point during the date, you might want to lean in for an intimate conversation or a kiss, and if your breath stinks, you might as well call it a night. You certainly won’t get laid on the first date if you smell bad.

Planning to Get Laid on the First Date

Where you take her for the date says a lot about you. Do not go to a smoky, noisy, overcrowded, or lame place. Pick an intimate lounge where both of you can feel comfortable and talk easily.

In addition, avoid places that are too expensive, since if the place overshadows you, it will highlight your inadequacy. Read my post about the best places to go on a first date for tips!

Women cannot tolerate boredom; therefore, you need to give her a fun, emotionally stimulating and exciting experience. Some men blab about their failed relationships or marriage.

If you have emotional baggage, leave it at home. Going on about your failed relationships shows that you are weak and excessively emotional.

You need to act confident and smooth when you talk. In addition, look into her eyes and smile as you talk to her, and do not be afraid to make physical contact.

After a while, you can move closer so your bodies are touching. However, refrain from putting your hands down her pants in public. šŸ˜‰

Transitioning to the Bedroom

couple having sexNever beg or look desperate. The tricky part is bringing out her naughty side and taking her back to your place.

Most women will give off signals with their body language that can help you get laid on the first date.

She might touch your wrist while talking or smile and look directly into your eyes. If you notice these signals, you should know that she is fantasizing about what will happen later.

Once you see these clear signals, confidently tell her that you would like to take her to your place.

This my friends is how you get laid on the first date. Women have higher sex drives than men do, and to seduce her properly, you simply need to set the right mood.

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