Have Fun, Find Friends With Benefits

Have Fun, Find Friends With Benefits

friends with benefitsAre you Looking for a Friends with Benefits Relationship?

Sex is comforting and I find I often feel sexy when I’m lonely. Occasionally I long for a woman’s touch, but more often than not, I crave sexual satisfaction.

When I’m busy at work I have no time to date, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting sex. I am only human and the idea of no strings attached sex has its appeal.

There are times when I’m too busy to date, but work doesn’t fulfil my sexual fantasies.

So, does the idea of having a FUBU relationship appeal, or does sex without commitment sound alien?

You have never heard of FUBU relationships? I find a friend who is looking for a relationship with benefits. In short I find myself a sex buddy.

Friends with Benefits — The Advantages

I class myself as a normal human being; I’m a highly sexed male who needs regular sex. Some say you shouldn’t have sex unless you are in a stable relationship, but a fulfilling sex life keeps me happy.

Friends tell me couples in good relationships enjoy the best sex, but I disagree. There is no rule against having a hot, casual sexual relationship, so what’s so wrong with having sex with a friend?

Naturally, every friend with benefits relationship has ups and downs.  However, I find myself a sex buddy and I enjoy great, no-strings attached fun sex.

But that lusty sexual friendship is never going to blossom into a lasting relationship.

So let’s explore sex with no ties and see if it is possible to enjoy a casual sexual relationship with a friend.

No Strings Sex with a Buddy

Find a f**k buddy and you can enjoy no strings sex tonight and every night. You get to pick your own sexual partner and you can play as naughty as you like.

The idea of being in a sexual relationship without commitment appeals because I can have a few friends with benefits at any time; naturally everyone who has casual sex should always use protection and contraception.

Hook-up with a sex buddy and I don’t need to feel guilty if I say no to a “Booty Call”. We are not in a relationship; we are friends who have consensual sex when we can.

Will I have Fun If I Find a Sex Buddy?

Lots of people look for sexual fun. Sex without the relationship merely adds to the fun. I often enjoy hot, sensual sex in my lunch hour and go back to work wearing a smile.

Make new friends with benefits and you can enjoy guilt-free sex without commitment.

Commitments offer stability, so those in a relationship will always have someone there for them, but sometimes it feels good to have fun sex without the ties.

sex with benefits quoteThe Downside of Having Friends with Benefits

I like having a sex buddy to jump into bed with, but a casual hook-up is not for everybody. Weigh up the pros and cons of casual sex between friends before finding sex buddies.

Remember, you are agreeing to have occasional sex without romance.

Pick friends who won’t get too attached and make sure they understand the rules of a FuBu relationship.

The Danger of becoming Emotionally Attached

I would never sleep with a friend who has recently split from their partner. The FuBu route doesn’t fix broken hearts, in fact quite the reverse.

She enjoys the sex, her sexual hormones run riot and she sees you as the perfect replacement for her ex-partner.

On the other hand, don’t confuse lust with love; a non-committal relationship is based on lust.

Fall for your sex buddy and she may head for the hills, leaving you looking like a sad stalker.

Friends with Benefits while Married or Dating

People cheat for lots of reasons, but it’s not right to have a sex buddy on the side. Can a FuBu save your relationship? No. you are cheating on your partner, your sex buddy and most importantly yourself.

If you feel that you want to sleep around it’s better to end your relationship before looking for friends with benefits.

Everyone should enjoy sex; we live in a modern world, so we must embrace modern relationships.

You can share your friend’s bed to keep you sexually satisfied and in my experience, a friends with benefits relationship is ultimately safer than sleeping around.

So what about you? Do you have a friend with benefits?
Share your story in the comment box below!

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