David DeAngelo’s – Double Your Dating Book Review

David DeAngelo’s – Double Your Dating Book Review

double your dating ebookWho doesn’t want to be more successful when it comes to dating, especially when they have already had trouble in the past? Of the many books available that can give men advice on how to approach women, there are only a few that will help you double your dating opportunities.

Knowing what to expect when it comes to many of these books means that you will have the chance to hit the field with all of the right knowledge in mind.

One of the best and most classic books that you can read up on is Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo.

The Double Your Dating ebook is dedicated to providing all readers with a solid foundation when it comes to improving their game.

At a Glance:


prosThis is easily one of the most popular dating books available, and it has been at the top for many years. It features great advice on just about any woman’s psychology and it can help men get the right attitudes for their dating success.

There are many clear explanations that describe what to do in a very simple and easy to understand language. Any guy will be able to relate to the advice and get the results that they want, no matter what type of experience with dating and women they have had in the past.


consWhile the book can be a very good read, it is not without a few negatives that new users should keep in mind. The book is a little bit dated. Because it is more than 13 years old, there are a few sections that have some irrelevant advice.

It is not as advanced as some of the newer products available in recent years, like Make Small Talk Sexy & Make Women Want You for example.

It also does not teach men how to perform the cold approach with women. One of the main techniques that the book describes can become a problem if it is relied on too heavily by beginners.

A Classic, But Still Relevant Book

To begin, users should get a little bit of background on the book itself. The original Double Your Dating book first came out in 2001.

It was immediately lauded as one of the first and only ebooks to give men real and high quality dating advice. Since that time, the field has been leveled out and now there are many other advanced dating products available for people to enjoy. You can find our most recommended dating products here.

Many of the newer books feature advanced articles of advice, but for people who are completely new to dating, this book is still one of the most important must reads to own.

Double Your Dating features classic advice and can be considered to be a basic introduction into the field. It has been described as a life changing read by many of its fans, and it is one of the best books that can help bring guys up to speed on what they should be doing when it comes to approaching a date.

Simple Language and Approach to Double your Dating

David Deangelo
David DeAngelo

The reason that this book is able to stand the test of time is the simple fact that it features a very easy to understand language and approach.

The author of the book explains everything in a very straightforward and comprehensive way. The reader is taken by the hand and walked through everything that they need to know to pursue their dream date.

Slowly, concept by concept, the reader has the chance to learn about basic psychology that they can apply at a moment’s notice.

Common mistakes and problems are pointed out immediately and attitudes that can hinder the individual are pointed out and explained in incredible detail.

Every single point that is presented in the book makes sense and can be easy to apply to just about any guy. It does not matter whether the reader is familiar with the pick up artist world or has no experience with anything, the book can help.

Because of how gradually this book can help readers get into the world of dating, it is popular among those who want to take their time with the dating approach.

The vast majority of the book deals with psychology from both a female and male perspective. Readers will learn more about the incredible dynamics at work between both sexes and understand how they can alter their approach in order to be met with more success.

The Cocky and Funny Technique

The vast majority of the book’s advice focuses on the cocky and funny approach. This may seem like a bit of a limited introduction, but it is one of the most efficient and basic ways for beginners to approach women.

There are many books that focus on cold approaching and introductions, but as far as simple and understandable dating strategies go, there is a reason that the cocky and funny technique has remained such a classic for so long.

cocky and funny techniqueThis approach is the author’s trademark advice when it comes to dating. It is a very easy to develop conversational technique that can be used in order to generate attraction with women.

This approach is ideal for beginners, though it is important for all developing pickup artists to remember not to rely on the technique too much.

One of the biggest problems that occurs with men who use the cocky and funny technique is that they end up holding onto it as a crutch. When they use it all the time with women, it can actually drive the woman away because it may seem to be so over the top.

At an introductory level, the technique can be incredible in helping you compensate for other problems that you may have. The funny and cocky technique can be one of the best ways for beginners to become better in their approach and get the desired responses from the women they want to date. That initial feeling of confidence can be vital for future developments.

After the reader is done with the book, they can look into many other ones to further themselves. There are countless other books that can provide readers with more advanced articles of advice, but as far as introductions go, there is no book like this one.

Pick it up and read it if you are a beginner, and then see how the future of your game can be developed with other bits of advice.

Self Development Approach

No matter how you plan on entering the field, this book can be the perfect way to find your footing. There are many guys who are not sure where they stand on the whole dating advice field, and this book helps them clear up any confusion that they may have.

The author himself had developed the advice after growing as a pick up artist through trial and error. He learned more about what worked and what didn’t, and he had the opportunity to proceed at his own pace, all important details that he outlines in the book.

Take a look at it today and see how you can learn more about becoming more confident and at ease with the world of dating. We give this popular classic a 4.1/5 rating!

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