Get Better With Women by being friends with men

Get Better With Women by being friends with men

If you’re one of those guys who spend an awful lot of time wondering how to get better with women, you probably also read a great deal about tips to overcome anxiety and use the best pickups lines.

Such tips are fine, of course, but what if you’re dealing with a more complex problem? Most men do not even know how to talk to or make friends with other men. Are you sure you’re not one of them?

Being Friends with Other Men

See for most men, it’s a challenge to talk to or make friends with other men. They have absolutely no idea how to act around the more popular guys who attract women easily.

As a result, they remain virtually invisible in a social gathering or a group. If you want to be getting better with women you just can’t afford to be one of those guys, can you?

Instead you should work on your skills to be more popular among guys so that women notice you.

Think about it, haven’t you been apprehensive about approaching women because you fear rejection? Your fears are rooted in your lack of self-confidence.

The more you think about it, the more you’ll realize that your self-esteem plays a big role in how you deal with women. It makes you weaker and less appealing for women.

They don’t see anything interesting about you and you remain in the shadows.

To address your self-esteem issues, you need to work on your social skills and expand your friends circle. In other words, you need to be friends with other guys.

Once you start hanging around with other guys, it will be much easier to get better with women. Plus, it will give you an opportunity to know confident men who don’t suffer from self-esteem issues like you.

How to Deal with Other Men

When it comes to dealing with men, rules of the game are a bit different. Some of the skills that will help you in this include:

  • Possessing the ability to make the other guys laugh
  • Getting other guys to think you’re cool
  • Leading the group
  • Gaining the guys’ respect

Men who possess these qualities tend to have an easier time winning over women, and I speak from experience. When I joined my new office last month, I noticed a clear difference between two distinct types of guys.

One group consisted of the shy guys who’d usually sit in a corner looking tired and lost. They would not talk too much unless spoken to and appear under confident.

The other group comprised the exact opposite type of men. These guys had a confident body language and they’d often crack odd jokes and appear cool. No prizes for guessing which group had a better shot at impressing women.

Impressed with their success, I decided to get into their group. Our conversations ranged from soccer to bodybuilding tips and local pubs.

Interestingly women around us seemed more interested in the stuff we were discussing. In fact, two of the more attractive girls joined us as we discussed tattoos.

In the end, both of them shared their phone numbers which made it abundantly clear that these guys have decoded the mystery of impressing women. They know they attract women and that makes them all the more alluring.

get better with womenThis real-life example makes it quite clear that men who appear confident attract women and have an easier time getting better with them.

Our close camaraderie helped us draw the two attractive girls without making any effort.

What’s even more interesting is that seeing those two girls approaching us, other girls in the cafeteria threw their glances in our direction! Next day was quite fun as our group got a lot of attention from different women.

You need to remember that women are extremely perceptive. They don’t spend a lot of time to understand who the alpha male in a group is.

A simple look is all it takes for them to form their opinion about our personalities. For example if you have droopy shoulders and a confused smile, they will know that you’re a pushover.

Women do not like such men and it won’t be long before they will be getting friendly with the alpha guy at the next table.

By becoming friendly with other guys, you’ll be boosting your confidence. Remember the last time you saw a pretty girl and avoided talking to her because she was with other guys?

If you start spending more time with other men, you won’t be afraid of such situations again.

Here are some other benefits of becoming friends with the cool guys:

  • You get all the right tips from the alpha males
  • You get better wingmen to pick up girls with
  • You become friends with men who have attractive female friends
  • Their coolness rubs on you

How to Get Better with Men

Don’t let yourself be intimidated by the task of getting better with men. To begin with, start interacting with all the cool guys you know. Don’t be too overtly friendly to confuse them.

Rather begin by exchanging pleasantries every time you meet them. With some practice, it will be easier for you to strike a conversation with them.

As for topics to discuss, knowledge of sports, cars and hot women will always help. You can also improve your tech knowledge to discuss cool new apps and gizmos.

Remember, you must appear genuinely interested in these topics to make sense. A good idea is to start reading up more about these things to boost your understanding.

Being friends with the cool guys will take some time and practice. You’d have to work on yourself to become more like them. In time, you will notice the difference in your style and personality.

Don’t hold yourself back and start socializing. With more you practice, it will be easier for you to get the women you like. Take small steps and benefit from your interactions with the alpha males.

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