Bobby Rio’s Magnetic Messaging eBook Review

Bobby Rio’s Magnetic Messaging eBook Review

bobby rioBobby Rio (photo) has intrigued many with his new book “Magnetic Messaging,” mainly because he is the only pick-up artist who has actually done some pretty extensive testing on the subject.

There is an art to texting women in a way that will get you positive responses. There are some specific things outlined by Bobby Rio that will help improve your love life.

Magnetic Messaging

Have you ever spent a fantastic evening with a woman, only to have her brush you off the next day? Of course, it is natural to wonder what went wrong.  One evening the woman is enjoying your company and connected, yet the next day you are ignored and set aside.

Magnetic Messaging eBookMaybe you enjoyed weeks with a woman, joking around and having fun with her, only to be put into the “Friend-Zone.” She is more than happy to hang out with you and complain about the other men in her life, but you can’t seem to ignite her passion yourself.

Not everyone is great looking, which means sometimes you need to rely on things other than looks in order to get women. However, with the right skills you can get women interested in you, even if at first they seem out of your league.

Whatever specific issues you may have when it comes to dating and courtship, giving men some tools to better navigate this complicated process is important. Magnetic Messaging is an excellent guide for men who are struggling with making connections to women.

Texting Can Improve Your Sex Life!

In this modern world, much of the communication between two people is done through texting via cell phones and tablets. Texting isn’t easy, and there are some specific rules to follow if you want to maintain relationships with women. Bobby Rio discusses these in his book, and has done his research to back up the claims.

magnetic messaging bannerThere are three things to avoid when it comes to texting. Coming on too strong can make you seem creepy or needy. This is a sure fire way to turn a woman away from you. Sending boring or unoriginal messages throughout the day is also a big no-no. Trying to be funny through a text, but failing at it, is also something that needs to be avoided.

Bobby Rio maintains that women give men a huge chance when they hand them their number, but that chance starts to shrink almost immediately. This is because their emotions and attention will fade pretty quickly.

The authors of “Magnetic Messaging” have created a three step program called the Keylock Sequence, which allows you to make the woman feel the way she wishes to feel, which can possibly even lead to a romantic evening or two. 😉

There are three main points to the sequence. First, emotion and attention are very closely linked. Therefore, if you make her feel emotions, she will give you more of her attention.

Second, in order to keep things moving you need to create a connection. This means you are more than someone to flirt with to her.

Third, it is necessary to plant the idea of sleeping together in her mind. She needs to start imagining it. There are specific techniques in the book to help you with this.

Is Magnetic Messaging Effective?

Because the ebook only recently came out, there are not a whole lot of reviews on it yet. However, some initial studies have shown that decent texting and messaging will increase your chances of getting a woman out on a first date.

There are some pros and cons to the “Magnetic Messaging” ebook that I found and I’d like to share with you.

The Pros:

  • prosPerfect for people who are not good at writing
  • Translates how to convey emotions in texts and messages
  • Provides lists of texts you can use at anytime
  • Explains how to deal with common problems, such as unresponsiveness or one word answers

The Cons:

  • consPresented as a fail safe “get laid” method that may not always work
  • Did not mention things like style, hygiene, and verbal communication
  • In some circumstances, the Keylock Method may make you seem arrogant

Overall Conclusion

This is certainly a book you should consider downloading, especially if writing is not your strong suit. It can also be used as a tool to translate your physical behavior and flirting into text or messaging form.

The product itself is also very easy to use. Conveniently, you can even download it onto your cell phone so you can access the texts and other features whenever you need them. Download “Magnetic Messaging” by Bobby Rio today!

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