The Best Places To Meet Single Women

The Best Places To Meet Single Women

Best Place To Meet Single WomenFinding the right woman can be a challenge, and at times seem impossible. While there a millions of beautiful single women on the planet, the intricacies of the dating scene can make finding one like searching for a needle in a haystack. By scouting out the best places to meet women, you will find it easier to find the woman of your dreams.

Cultural Events

Art exhibitions, music festivals and poetry nights are usually teeming with single women who are open to meeting men. These ladies often attend these events with groups of their friends, and you may come away with many great prospects. In addition, women who attend these events are likely to be well educated, grounded and professional, so it’s easy to weed out the party girls by attending these events.

Hobby Classes

Women represent the largest consumers of education in the country, and can often be found taking a class or two in their favorite subject area. Attend cooking classes, photography courses or real estate classes. Cake decorating classes are almost exclusively women, although the age range in these classes tend to skew on the more mature end. Acting and improv classes overwhelmingly attract younger women, and classes in writing and art are great places to meet singles.

Sports Clubs

women running clubWhen most people think of sports teams and clubs, they think of men. There are many sports that women dominate. Running clubs, 5K events and swimming clubs are good places to meet athletic and fit women.

While some people suggest meeting women in gyms, most women report being creeped out by men who try to talk them up during their workout. An adult sports league or athletic club is a more relaxed, social environment that is better for making new connections.


Women are natural nurturers and do-gooders, and they can often be found pitching in to help the less fortunate. Try signing up to volunteer in a hospital, or tutoring kids after school. Deliver meals to the elderly or pitch in at the local animal shelter and make a new love connection. The best types of volunteer events to meet women are those that appeal to single women. Coaching a children’s sports team, for example, means you will be around groups of married moms.

Online Forums

online forumsMany men turn to online dating to meet women and are met with varying degrees of success. The best place to meet women, however is in a place where you have a shared interest. If you participate in a photography forum where you discuss cameras, you will find other women who share those interests. Any common interest group will introduce you to like minded women. Try forums for real estate agents, teachers, nurses and movie buffs.

Conventions and Trade Shows

Trade shows are a goldmine for meeting women. The jewelery and bead show, for example, is overwhelmingly female. Try women’s conventions, fashion shows and small business trade shows that appeal to women.

When it comes to the best places to meet women, the sky is the limit.

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