The 7 Best Bachelor Party Locations In The World

The 7 Best Bachelor Party Locations In The World

Best bachelor Party locationsSo, you have a bachelor party to plan? Finding the best bachelor party locations can be difficult. It also depends on budget.

If you’re on tight budget, and the groom is on a tight leash, then you should consider a local bachelor party location.

Before choosing a location it is important to consider all of the factors associated with the party. For example, will there be drinking? How about cigars? Do you want to surprise your groom with exotic dancers or go all out with a stripper and a lap dance?

These are all important factors to consider when planning a bachelor party.

Local Venues

If a local venue is more appealing then look into bars or even casinos in the area. You want to make sure that your groom will have a good time.

Make sure that all his drinks are paid for by his buddies, and make sure he has a place to stay at night. Another important consideration is who will keep an eye on the groom throughout the night.

Although, bachelor parties are notoriously known for their raucous events and loose morals, the bride-to-be might have a problem.

It is important to understand their relationship before planning a hooker for the night. Other local ideas include a drive to the nearest party city, such as Atlantic City or even Ocean City.

A concert or festival is another great idea for a bachelor party. If the budget is a bit more extravagant then you have the option of considering the best bachelor party locations in the world.

Destination Bachelor Parties

Bachelorette parties have become quite extravagant. Ladies like to plan getaways to exotic beaches, or wild and crazy Vegas adventures. So, why not have a destination bachelor party?

You are celebrating the union of your best friend/brother to a woman for the rest of his life. Doesn’t he deserve to go out with a bang?

Shouldn’t his single manhood be celebrated and exploited for one night or a weekend. Bachelor parties are now becoming a rite of passage for men as they get ready for the adult life they take on as a husband.

If the budget allows, consider visiting some of the best bachelor party locations outside of your local borders.


hong kong

One of the best places for a bachelor party is Hong Kong, China. Hong Kong is hopping and offers a great night scene. In addition to offering a great night scene, there are plenty of women available.

There are a plethora of western women living in Hong Kong, as well as the nationals. This means that there will be plenty of eligible ladies for a night of debauchery.

Las Vegas

las vergas

Every bachelor party planner has surely dreamed of a party in Las Vegas. The city that brought us the Hangover series, it offers the best in party scenes. From casinos to the night life and everything in between, it is one of the best places to host a bachelor party.

A lot of hotels in Vegas offer bachelor party packages. Just make sure the groom will show up on time for the wedding. šŸ˜‰

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg by night

Who would have thought that Russia would offer a great location for a bachelor party? St. Petersburg is an interesting destination.

However, with a ratio of seven women for every man any bachelor party is sure to be a hit.

Russia offers beautiful women who party hard. If there are any single men in the bachelor group they are sure to find their ball and chain in the clubs of St. Petersburg.


Medellin by night

Colombia is pretty much known as a party country. Whether you’re into hard core drugs or drinking. However, it also makes for one of the best bachelor party locations. Since most of the drug cartels are gone there is an endless supply of beautiful women.

These women love to party and are sure to show any bachelor party a lovely time. Be sure to bring along your Spanish-English dictionary.


Singapore by night

Another little known hot spot for bachelor parties is Singapore. Singapore offers the best in both worlds. It is a more westernized location that features a more education population and more English speakers.

It is a hub for fashion models who would love to be the entertainment for your party. Just like Hong Kong, it offers a wide array of western women and Asian women.

New York City

New York City by night

New York City is another great bachelor party location in the United States. NYC offers it all from posh cigar and wine bars to hopping and raving night life — and everything in-between.

What’s great is you don’t even have to do the planning. With the overabundance of party planners available in NYC you can get someone else to plan it for you, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro by night

By far one of the top places to host a bachelor party is Rio de Janeiro. It offers beautiful women and beautiful beaches. It is a great city to visit and has some of the best beaches on the planet. In addition to the beaches, the eye candy is pretty nice too.

Tanned women flaunt around in bikinis and thongs all year round. There are also a lot of topless beaches. Not to mention the Carnival that happens every February.

Booking the best bachelor party locations now

If you are considering best bachelor party locations that are out of the country, then you should start planning now. You will need to look into the visiting requirements such as visas and passports.

If it’s a surprise you’ll have to make sure that your groom has a passport and is ready to go.

You may want to mention it to his bride-to-be, so that she can get in on the planning. Before hopping on a plane it is also important to consider the customs and culture of the destination you are visiting. You will want to familiarize yourself with the laws there and ensure that you understand them.

Look up your local embassies and diplomats in case any trouble comes up. The only memories you want from this bachelor party are party memories, not legal memories.

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