How To Stop A Woman On The Street & Ask Her Out On A Date

How To Stop A Woman On The Street & Ask Her Out On A Date

Dating isn’t easy, especially if you’re working up the courage to speak to a stranger and ask her out on a date.

For guys like me, nothing can beat the thrill of striking a conversation with a complete stranger and asking her out on a date. Sounds crazy? Probably.

Manly? Absolutely!

I know the very idea is fraught with risks. We live in a world filled with freaks and weirdos, and asking a complete stranger on the street out on a date definitely sounds trashy, cheap, and even dangerous.

The trick is to know how to stop a woman on the street and ask her out on a date without seeming crazy or desperate.

Get it right and you can say goodbye to lonely and boring weekends for the rest of your life.

Stopping a Woman on a Street—Not as Crazy as it Sounds

ask her out on a date

I was not always an expert on stopping women on the street for dates. My initial attempts were pretty lame….okay… even pathetic.

Women rejected me even before I could tell them what I had in mind. It sure was humiliating. Today, I can spend hours talking about the best ways to stop a woman on the street and ask her out on a dating.

So, what changed?

Well, I realized that tips about the best ways to stop a woman on the street won’t work unless I became comfortable with this exciting idea.

What is so wrong about asking a perfect stranger out on a date? I am not a freak. I respect women and love spending time with them. I am fit, good looking, and a pretty cool guy.

So, why shouldn’t I ask out an interesting-looking girl when I pass her on the street? Where is it written that a guy has to get introduced to the girl before he can ask her out on a harmless date?

So, I stopped over analyzing my approach and simply went with the flow. If I felt like talking to a girl and asking her out, I simply did it without bothering about anything else.

The moment I followed my heart, I stopped coming across as a creepy or needy guy. Instead, women often got intrigued when they saw a normal and confident guy being bold enough to ask them out on a date right on the street.

Sure, their initial reaction was always caution tinged with hesitation, and I don’t blame them for that.

That is why I showed them respect, and used the deadly combination of wit and confidence to put them at ease.

Some were just not okay with the idea of going on a date with a complete stranger. However, many women were eager to experience the thrill of going on such a date.

A guy who has the guts to do something so daring without seeming cheap—which woman is going to say no to such a deal?

I have identified a few important points that you should keep in mind when learning how to stop a woman on the street and ask her out on a date.

Eyes Eyes Baby!

Most men make the fundamental mistake of immediately looking away after making eye contact with a pretty girl on the street.

If she is good looking, then why on earth would you break eye contact? Keep looking. Let her know it was not an accident, and that you were indeed looking at her.

I have found that maintaining eye contact creates a very good first impression on most women. Of course, don’t stare or glare at her. Just continue looking and move on to the next step.

Use Eye Contact When You Ask Her Out on a Date

Once eye contact is made, it is time to establish communication. A smile followed by a nod of your head will suffice.

It is the body-language equivalent of a polite “Hey good looking girl“. Doing this puts the onus on the woman to respond.

If she averts her eyes and adopts a closed posture, then it is best to move ahead. On the other hand, a quick smile, a giggle, or even a nod or wave means that you can proceed ahead and strike a conversation.

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Bold Men Have Clear & Loud Voices

Whatever you do, don’t mumble or mutter under your breath after having passed the first stage.

Speak boldly. Make sure you will be heard even in the midst of a busy and loud street. An important note—be prepared to say something witty and interesting.

How would you feel if somebody caught you attention and then proceeded to behave like a tongue-tied amateur on his first date?

Use small sentences with simple words to initiate a conversation. Remember the golden rule—Make them laugh.

Complement her on her look; after all that is what caught your attention, right? Don’t try to be too cool or too casual.

Women love guys who are not ashamed to admit that they are excited and a bit scared when the time comes to ask her out on a date.

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Don’t Follow or Beg

When do I stop being a cool guy with guts and become a creepy guy stalking women on the street?

You need to know the answer to this question if you plan to seek dates from complete strangers. Don’t follow. Don’t scare them.

Give them their space. Be natural and give her the right to reject you. I don’t score every time and neither can you.

Talk with your Smile & Body Language

80% of all communication takes place through non-verbal communication. So, its important to watch your posture and facial expression.

Smile. Not the Joker smile that will give her nightmares. A regular smile. A smile that says you like what you see and want to know more about her.

Have an open posture. Stand erect. Don’t betray any sign of nervousness or tension. You are just asking her out for a date. Its not the end of modern civilization, right?

Don’t search for a fixed formula for asking women out on dates.

Women can be impossibly unpredictable and the smartest option is to keep in mind that there can be multiple best ways to stop a woman on the street and ask her out on a date.

Just remember that you are a decent guy with honorable intentions and proceed ahead in a confident and bold manner.

I hope these tips will help! Good luck & let me know your adventures in the comment box below.

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