9 Sure-Fire Signs She Wants to Date You

9 Sure-Fire Signs She Wants to Date You

 Women can be a tricky business, especially when it comes to love. If she’s giving you the signs she wants to date you and you don’t respond, you could end up losing her. On the other hand, you don’t want to make move and find out you’re way off base.

So how do you know she’s really into you? Lucky for you, women have ways to let you know they want to take things to the next level – you just have to make sure you’re looking out for them.

  1. Do Her Friends Know About you?

Generally, if a woman is interested in you, she’s going to tell her friends all about you. When people are excited about something, they’ll speak about it – you simply need to listen when her friends are talking to you.

Do they know about your recent promotion? Where you’ve been on holiday? Do they know your birthday is coming up?

It might not seem like a big deal, but the more her  friends have “heard about” you, the more that girl is into you.

  • She Doesn’t Leave You Hanging

A woman who is into you won’t be able to stop herself from texting back when she hears from you.

If you’re often left on “read”, it doesn’t necessarily mean she doesn’t like you (after all, she could be working long shifts or not be married to her phone), but if she’s responding to everyone but you, you have a problem.

The same goes with how much a woman says when she responds to you. Do you get a simple “k” to your texts inviting conversation or does she keep the conversation going? The more she’s into it, the more she’ll want to keep talking to you.

  • She Gets Jealous

Does she get quiet when you talk about other women? Do frown lines suddenly appear when someone hits on you in a bar? She doesn’t need to be outright rude to someone to prove she is jealous – you might just notice something is slightly off.

This is one of the sure-fire signs she wants to date you.

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  • She Puts More Effort into How She Dresses Around you

These days, just about everyone lives on social media. You’ve likely seen her in a variety of situations without her knowing it.

Does she always seem a little more dressed up when she knows she is going to see you? Is she wearing mascara when she’s usually bare-faced?

These small signs mean she is trying to impress you. Pay attention – you could get yourself a date by doing just that.

  • She Remembers Everything You Tell Her

A woman who likes you is also one that will remember just about everything you tell her. Did she remember your aunt Muriel’s birthday? Does she ask about how your dog Tom is doing after his surgery?

It might surprise you that someone is paying that much attention to the finer details of your life, but to her, these bits are important to you and so they’re important to her.

  • She Wants to Meet your Mum

Let’s face it, meeting the in laws is definitely not what I’d call a fun Saturday afternoon, but it is the ultimate sign that you’re a part of someone’s life.

If she’s “joking” about meeting the parents, she’s picturing your life together and that’s a good sign – it means you have an in to go for an official date.

  • She Finds Ways to be Close to you

When you’re at the pub, does she sit near to you – or sit facing you? If you’re at a barbeque, does she find ways to stand close to you?

  • She Laughs at your Jokes

One of the oldest and sure-fire signs she wants to date you is her laughing at your jokes, whether they are funny or not. I’m not even talking about a body-shaking laugh – even a small giggle can signify her interest in you.

This doesn’t mean that every girl who laughs at your jokes wants to date you – you might be a funny guy, but it’s easy to spot when one person is laughing more than everyone else. If this is the case, it’s worth paying a bit more attention.

  • She Confides in You

A girl who tells you about herself – including things she might not share with other people – is one that has an interest in you. If she feels comfortable enough to share with you, it’s likely she’s seen something she likes in you.

It can be tough to identify the signs she wants to date you. Sometimes, it’s about paying attention to very subtle signs, while at other times, they might be very obvious.

Ultimately, no matter how many signs you have, love is all about taking chances, so don’t be afraid to take the leap every now and again.

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