7 First Date Ideas You Really Should Avoid!

7 First Date Ideas You Really Should Avoid!

When you are planning a first date, there are a variety of things that you can do. The ideas are endless.

However, it is important that you can decipher between what would be a good first date, and those first date ideas you really should avoid.

Before you decide what you are going to do on your first date, you need to ask yourself two questions. First, “is it something that you both enjoy doing”?, and second, “Is it something that you would enjoy doing more with someone else?”

It is a good idea to plan something where you will not need to force conversation the entire time. If all you have is conversation, things can get awkward if you run out of things to talk about. If that happens, things can get awkward.

Before you begin planning your first date, it is a good idea to know what ideas make great first dates, and which ones are boring first date ideas.

Some of the activities on this list are good date ideas, however, you should wait until the third or fourth date.

Dinner Dates: Too Much Like a Job Interview

first date ideas you really should avoid

Most people make their first date as a dinner date. They do this because it is often what everyone does on a first date.

For years, couples have been going out to dinner for their first date, and realizing it was a mistake about 10 minutes into the date. When you go to dinner, you have nothing to do but talk to your date.

If the conversation begins to die down, things can get awkward.

If you don’t know each other well, the date could just consist of a night of questions and answers.

Over time, this can start to feel like a job interview. At that point, the romance is gone. After the date, what should have been a passionate kiss at the door, will be a simple handshake.

Alternative Ideas:

If you really want food to be involved in your first date, there are options besides going to a restaurant. Going on a hike and packing a small lunch is a good idea.

Unlike a restaurant, you will not need to sit and wait for the server to take your order, bring your food, and then bring the check.

When you have a picnic, you can sit down and eat right away, and then get back to the hike. It will give you a chance to talk without more to focus on than the bottom of your plate.

Another excellent idea is to cook food together. If you both feel comfortable enough to be alone at someone’s house, you can enjoy food, without having that be the only thing that you have between you.

When you cook a meal together, you can focus on the task at hand, and less on trying to think of something to talk about. While preparing the meal, you can enjoy a glass of wine, making for a fun, light date.

Depending on where you live, you may be able to take a cooking class during your date.

You would be in a group of other couples, while you learn to cook an amazing dish, and then enjoy it together. It can be a fun alternative to dinner at a restaurant.

The Movies: A Great Idea If You Don’t Want To Talk At All

movie first date

Taking a date to the movies on the first date is just as bad as taking a date to dinner. The two, however, are totally different.

While you are forced to talk too much at dinner, you are not allowed to talk at all when you go to the movies. This can make it very difficult for you to learn anything about your date. So perhaps another one of those First Date Ideas You Really Should Avoid

Going to the movies is something that you should do with a girl on the third or forth date, when you have already had a chance to get to know each other.

Alternative Ideas:

If you and your date are both movie lovers, staying in, cooking dinner together, and renting a movie.

When you rent a movie, you won’t have someone telling you to be quiet during the whole movie if you decide you want to have a conversation. Also, you have time to get to know each other while making dinner.

If you and your date are huge movie buffs, you can see if there are any famous shooting locations in your town or if you can visit a famous movie star’s grave.

These two activities may not take up enough time to fill a whole date, therefore, you will need to find something else to do after.

Family Gatherings: Too Much Too Soon!!!

meet the parents scene

Taking a first date to a family gathering may sound strange, however, it has been done many times.

Bringing a girl to your parents house for dinner on the first date, or taking her to your sister’s wedding is a very bad idea for many reasons. For starters, it can make her feel very uncomfortable.

First dates have their own level of awkwardness when it is just the two of you. When you add your family to the mix, it can make things even more awkward.

While you may have a great time joking with family, she likely won’t be having as much fun as you. Second, taking a girl to meet your family on the first date may end up creeping her out.

What you may consider an easy going night with the family, she may see as a marriage proposal. The first date is way too soon for you to bring a date anywhere near your family.

Alternative Ideas:

Just about anything is better than taking a first date to a family function. First dates are designed for you and your date to get one on one time together.

If you have a family obligation, wait until another night to take her out.

Group Activities With Friends: Oh the Pressure!

group activity on a first date

Going out with a group of friends, to a party or a club is a great time. It is not, however, a great time for the girl on your first date.

Like bringing her to a family function, taking a first date to a group activity with friends can make her feel awkward.

As much as you try to focus your attention on her, you will be focusing on your friends as well. This is not great for a first date.

Also, she may feel that your friends are judging her from the moment the date begins. If she feels that way, she may have trouble being herself, therefore, you won’t have a chance to get to know her for who she really is.

Alternative Idea:

Anything that the two of you can do alone together would be fine. Going to a museum, an art gallery, or just for a walk in the park would be a good idea.

It is best to wait for her to meet your friends until after the third or fourth date.

The “Come Over And Hang Out” Date

hanging out bored on first date

Many guys have asked a girl on this type of first date, and it is a very poor first date idea.

For starters, it will make her think that you didn’t care enough to come up with an actual plan for the first date. It can also make her wonder what “come on over and hang out” means.

It could mean that you just want to hang out with her as friends, and she won’t even know that it is a first date. It could also make her think that “come over and hang out”, means that you want her to come over just to hook up.

This will make a very bad first impression, and chances are, she won’t be interested in a first date.

Alternative Idea:

If you are thinking of suggesting the “come over and hang out” date because you can’t think of anything else, understand that anything else would be better. Its more than likely falls into First Date Ideas You Really Should Avoid

If you suggested this date because you are low on cash, there are several things that you can do that won’t cost a great deal of money.

A simple picnic in the park, a hike, or a visit to a free museum will all give you a chance to get to know her, and it won’t cost you a thing.

The Mall: The Worst Shopping Date Ever

the mall

Malls are very impersonal and can be very costly. Taking a date to the mall will cost you a great deal of money, while you follow her around shopping. Also, nothing says a horrible first date meal like the food court.

Alternative Idea:

Believe it or not, but shopping dates are not a bad thing. If the two of you enjoy reading, you can go to a used bookstore. Have her choose her favorite book of all time, and you can do the same.

Buy both books and have her read your favorite and she can read your favorite.

Not only will it give you a little insight on each other, you can also discuss both books on future dates.

Many used bookstores have small restaurants or cafes inside, giving you the opportunity to have a coffee or a snack during your date.

Performing Or Attending An Open Mic Night

open mic night

Taking a girl to an open mic night on a first date is not a good idea, especially if you plan to perform. Most performances at an open mic night are not the best. If you plan to perform, wait until you have been dating a bit before you invite her.

Alternative Ideas:

Take her to a real performance with professional musicians. Many clubs and bars have live music, giving the two of you a chance to enjoy the music, while getting something to eat and having a drink.

If the music is very loud, you can sit in the back of the club, where it is quieter. This will give you a chance to get to know each other while you enjoy the music.

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