Are These 7 Behaviors Secretly Killing Your Game?

Are These 7 Behaviors Secretly Killing Your Game?

behaviors secretly killing your game

Did you know that there are behaviors secretly killing your game? There is a way to get the girl that you dream of being with instead of the somewhat irritating and slightly chubby girl you settle for. Guys all want to be attractive to girls, but here’s a secret I guess you didn’t know.

The Secret to Getting Your Dream Girl

It may be surprising to realize that if you want to get the girl you really want, it’s possible by just eliminating a few behaviors secretly killing your game. It’s not about looks that makes you more appealing, it’s about your attitude and behaviors.

Think about that for a moment.

It’s easier to get rid of bad habits and character flaws than it is to become physically more attractive.

By looking at yourself honestly, you will probably see a few things you can change about yourself. For me, it was shyness. In college, I was too shy to approach the girls I really liked.

My shyness made it hard for me to talk to them, so they always thought there was something wrong with me and never gave me a chance.

Once I stopped being shy, I quickly got a girlfriend. But she wasn’t my dream girl. Still, this was a step in the right direction.

7 Behaviors Secretly Killing Your Game That You Have to Eliminate:

man too clingyAre you too clingy?

Whether you are dating a hot girl or that less-desirable girl, you need to have a life of your own. You appear to be clingy if you call or text a girl several times a day.

If you show up unannounced at her home or job, always want to make plans to see her and be with her, if you follow her around at a party and never want to leave her side, you are a clingy person and this is a turnoff.

Everyone needs space, so don’t crowd a girl to try to let her know you like her. Give her some space and some time to miss you and think about you.

If you glue yourself to her, she will find this behavior very unattractive and annoying. The girl will also think you have nothing else to do because you won’t leave her alone.

Are you needy?

needy guy

If you are needy you come across as insecure and lacking confidence. Do you need constant reassurance that she likes you and enjoys your company?

If you find yourself frequently asking her if she is having a good time or if she is enjoying herself, you send the message that you need for her to prop you up.

Even saying “I love you” too many times in a relationship just to hear her tell you she feels the same is neediness.

This is definitely one of those behaviors secretly killing your game.

If a girl thinks you are too needy, she will start to question if she should be with you because your behavior is sending the message that maybe she shouldn’t be. Your neediness will start to turn her away.

Are you unfunny?

girl rejecting manSome guys don’t realize that their lame jokes aren’t making the girl laugh. The guy is too busy trying to be funny to notice the effect he is having.

If you try too hard to be the life of the party all the time, the girl will notice. She will find you unattractive because you seem clueless about how people are reacting to you.

It’s okay to have an occasional joke bomb, but if you can’t recognize what is going on around you, the girl will think you are not use to being around people, especially cool and fun people.

Are you a bad dresser?

bad dresser

Looking good is always attractive to a girl. But some guys don’t even try to improve their appearance. This is perhaps one of the biggest behaviors secretly killing your game.

You don’t have to be a fashion model to look good. You just need to make the effort to look stylish.

Are you creepy?

Being viewed as creepy is probably one of the worst behaviors because it causes fear in a girl. If you act inappropriately, the girl may wonder if she is safe with you.

She may worry that you may try to take advantage of her or put her in a difficult situation. This type of behavior can get a girl to quickly decide she wants nothing to do with you.

Creepy behaviors include making sexual references very early in your conversation, staring at her for too long, touching her for too long, asking very personal questions early on, knowing things about her that makes her think you have been stalking her on her social media pages.

Are you too nice?

guy being too nice

Yes, even being too nice can make you unattractive to her.

Although she will probably want to just be friends with you if you are too nice, this is not what you want. You want her to be sexually attracted to you.

Although you want to act like a gentleman when with her by doing things for her, taking care of her, and treating her well, this niceness may cost you the girl.

You have to walk a fine line between being nice and too nice. You want to give off the kind of vibe that makes her want to date you.

Are you too scared?

guy too scared to kissBeing scared is a big problem for many guys and it’s also one of those behaviors secretly killing your game.

You may be too scared to approach her, or to start a conversation, or to ask her for a date, or to kiss her goodnight. The list goes on and on.

The girls can sense your hesitancy and may think you don’t have the experience or the confidence to be with her.

Also, being scared keeps you on the sidelines looking at the beautiful girl you are to afraid to meet. By not acting scared, you seem more confident and more experienced. And that makes you more attractive to her.

Now it’s time to admit which of these seven behaviors is secretly killing your game and which ones you have to eliminate to make yourself more attractive to girls.

I have to say that I am guilty of all of them at some point in my life. But I now know that without these seven behaviors holding me back, I can become far more attractive to the girls I want to be with.

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