10 New Dating Rules Every Man Should Know

10 New Dating Rules Every Man Should Know

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As the clock ticks on, it’s not just the dates on your calendar that are changing. The world is evolving, and so is everything with it. Forget about being old fashioned and going Dutch – dating is not the same game it used to be! So if you have been off your game lately, you might want to spend a couple minutes and equip yourself with the latest dating rules every man should know before you step out into the bold, beautiful dating world.

Get ready to unlearn everything you have learned! It’s not just the size of your mobile phone that has changed, but the trends and the dating rules for men too.

1. Forget Playing the Role of a Rich Man — Respect Her!

If you thought the bills on your first date are on you and that you need a full wallet when you step out with her, well think again! Though this was what you needed about a decade ago, women are strong and independent these days. So even though you are expected to swoop over and “try” to pay the bill, don’t get offended if she is a step ahead of you. Women need respect more than anything these days, and this is one way they like to claim it.

2. Don’t Try to Put off the Follow-up

Men always try to be the cooler sex. Sometimes, they play it too cool! If you think holding off on the follow-up call is a good idea, and she is going to wait on the edge of her seat for you, think again! A short attention span is not just in academics anymore! The three days’ rule is long past. The best time to call her is the next day. If you call her on the same day, you are too needy, and if you call her the day after, she has probably moved on!

3. She Is Not Yours until She Says So

Gone are the golden days when dates used to be the first stepping stone to a long lasting relationship. Dates are now like friendships, and she could be multi-dating! So don’t get your hopes up high and don’t go around saying she is yours until she says so. The best thing to do is be open about it and let her know about your feelings.

4. Texting is the New Talking

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Yes, phone calls still exist but nothing is more convenient than short blurbs of text. So don’t get offended if she replies to your 27 calls with a short text! She might be busy or might have freaked out seeing so many calls from you. Messaging is the best way of staying in touch, even if she isn’t available.

Texting is also a safe way to talk if you both feel awkward on actual phone calls, and it can be used as an ice-breaking therapy.

5. Long Distance Matters No More

With quite a bunch of applications available such as Viber and Skype, long distance is not an excuse to stop seeing someone. Wait, but what if she has gone away on a trip after a couple of dates? You can still see her and talk to her with the latest apps on your smartphone.

And, what’s the best part? She might start falling for you seeing that you care enough to call her up just to make sure she is doing fine. No matter how advanced the world gets around them, most women are still touchy about such small but sensible acts.

6. Spend Some Time on Yourself Before a Date

Women care about how their men look, a lot! If you had a beard you have been growing to beat a caveman, now would be a splendid time to get rid of it. If the last time you showered was 24 hours ago, shower again. A well-groomed man gets 50% of the job done without even opening his mouth.

A new pair of shoes, a great shirt and trousers and some cologne can work wonders on your first date. There is nothing more welcoming than a decent and clean man in a woman’s world!

7. Sex is Something for Later

sex comes later

If you think that getting on a date with a woman is half the way to getting her to bed, then you are a long way from what modern dating is all about. Dates are about getting to know a girl you like and not about sex. If it is sex that you are after, then this is the wrong party for you. But if she does matter to you, save that for something special, and you will get it before you even have to ask!

8. Get Ready to be Googled

Just like you would research before putting your money into a share, a modern woman will investigate before she puts her heart into something. So coming clean is a golden rule. If you have had any bad relationships or been in trouble before, the first date is the best time to open up about it. This way you can get the guilt of your chest, and she will know what she is putting her time and feelings into in first place.

There are a few dating rules for men that haven’t changed. Honesty is the most important one of these things, and it matters a lot. Being honest with her about who you are, what you do for a living and sharing the little things always lay a firm foundation for a strong relationship, no matter how advanced or sophisticated you are.

9. Super Fan Status in Control

Yes, you love football or baseball and have fun watching the match with your buddies. If you have your favorite player’s name or number tattooed on your hands or back, then we have a problem to sort out. Most women define this fascination as a complete lack of imagination, creativity or inspiration. So avoid checking the score frequently when you are out on a date as it will ruin the moment in record time.

10. Stop Talking, Start Listening

Men, we live in the 21st century, so to keep your woman interested, stop turning into a one-man circus show. She will bore of you swiftly as she loves to talk about herself more than anything else. Carefully, listen to stuff she tells you and don’t forget about them. Recalling her preferences and interests will impress her even more.

The best way to her heart is by letting her know that she is in yours. And, the right way to do so is to show her, as actions always speak louder than words. Follow the above dating rules for men to stay on top of the game.

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