10 French Kissing Tips

10 French Kissing Tips

french kissing tipsAh, the French kiss. The sport of experimenting teenagers and able adults everywhere. Adding the tongue to the kissing equation shouldn’t change things so much, but it does.

If you want to improve your ability to wow the ladies with your abilities, consider the ten tips on French kissing below.

French Kissing Tips:

Brush Your Teeth

No, really — brush them. Kissing should be a pleasant experience for both parties, but it doesn’t work if your date can taste your last meal. You don’t need to obsess over your breath, but don’t forget about it. Brush your teeth before your date, and pop a mint if you have something that’s especially over-powering. You don’t have to be perfect, but you need to make sure that you’re not giving your date a great excuse to run away screaming.

Set the Mood

You are not in ninth grade. You don’t invite a girl over to “make out”. You set the mood, you make things romantic, and then you make your move. Don’t invite a girl over to your messy apartment in order to do a bit of tongue wrestling. Take her out, take her home — but make it a memorable experience. Many flaws can be forgiven if you create the right atmosphere.

Slow it Down

Guys get a bad reputation when they are quick in the bedroom. One of the best kissing techniques is to take things slow. Set a languid pace and get her revved up. When she starts to push, you know that you are doing your job correctly.

Don’t Be Too Aggressive…

french kissIt can be easy for a guy to get a little aggressive when kissing. You aren’t invading her mouth with your tongue — you’re entering into a dance that requires the participation of both partners.

Always start out gentle, even teasing — let her direct the speed. If you go too fast, you aren’t going to come off very well. Being aggressive might be fine later, but don’t start out too strong.

…or Too Passive

Unfortunately, you also have to try not to be too passive. Don’t be a wimp with your tongue — you’re a man, so act like it! You’re walking a fine line between moving too fast and not moving fast enough, so be strong if that’s how she likes it. You’re going to have to pay more attention to her than you pay to yourself — but isn’t that the point of kissing?

Move It

If your tongue stops moving, you’ve failed at your objective. A tongue in motion is sexy; a tongue at rest is kind of gross. You don’t have to move your tongue about like you’re a dog lapping up a bowl of water, but try to keep her guessing. If you’re too tired to move your tongue around, you’re probably too tired to keep kissing.

Hand Time

What do you do with your hands while you kiss? French or not, one good kissing tip is to know where to put your hands. Your partner’s waist or her face is the best bet — flapping your hands around like you’re unsure of what to do is a major turn-off. You want to be calm and collected, not nervous and afraid. Keep those hands firmly in place, unless your partner wants you to move them. It’s certainly better than any of the alternatives.


Kissing is great. You know what’s not great? Getting light-headed from a lack of oxygen. No matter how much you enjoy kissing, make sure that your partner gets to breathe. Take a few seconds to take a break — look her in the eyes and enjoy the person that you are with. You don’t have to stop, but you do have to breathe.

Know When to Stop

french kissing jokeParting is such sweet sorrow, but it’s got to happen eventually. A huge part of French kissing is learning how to read the mood, and you need to learn when it’s time to end things.

Stopping a French kiss can mean anything from an end to the night to a segue into more intimate activities, but you want to know when to give things a rest. If your partner seems to lose interest, it’s time to stop.

Wait for the Moment

Of all the French kissing tips, this one is the most important. You’ve got to wait for the right moment to kiss a woman — and moving in for the French kiss takes even more. Walking her home after a bad first date? Keep your tongue in your mouth. At the end of a glorious evening when things are getting hot and heavy? A much better choice.

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