Tips On How To Spark Attraction With A Woman

couple in bedWhen it comes to men and women, how they engage with one another as well as how the relationship progresses will typically come down to just a couple of options. Of course, creating attraction in a woman is an important part of igniting those sparks of interest; however, most men have no idea how to spark attraction with a woman.

A guy might see a woman he’d like to get together with, so he tries to pursue her by sending her flowers, gifts or inviting her out to dinner. While these actions might make him seem like a really nice guy, I’ve never seen it actually lead to a romantic relationship.

If you want to attract a woman, you can’t do it by creating a situation where she only sees you as a nice person and someone she would like to have as a friend. You’re going to want her to feel the energy and attraction that is needed for a long term relationship.

Spark Interest and Desire

attractionIf you really want to create attraction, it’s important that you learn how to communicate in a way that makes the woman feel a powerful emotional and physical response.

When a woman feels attraction towards you, you’ve got a great start towards building a meaningful relationship.

Of course, once a woman has those feelings for you, I’ve discovered that the relationship often follows one of two paths.

The first path finds the man understanding the need to make sure his behavior doesn’t make him appear “needy” or boring. He knows he can’t just follow a woman around sharing his feelings. He challenges the woman by making sure he keeps her interested well into the future.

However, it’s definitely not unusual for a man to start becoming predictable. He might become too submissive, share his feelings too often or simply fall into a pattern that is boring and predictable.

I know for a fact, most women are not going to find this type of behavior attractive. They want someone who will keep them feeling interested and alive.

Attraction is not the same for Women as it is for Men

I want to stress how important it is for you to understand that men and women are not the same when it comes to attraction. In fact, they are very different!

The best way to help you understand what creates attraction for women is to tell you that it is a process. Generally speaking, for women, attraction will not be an instantaneous event or feeling. It will build over time or it can weaken if you don’t understand how attraction works for women.

Here are some very specifics pointers that you can use to help create a feeling of attraction in a woman:

Always Start from a Point of Strength Rather than Weakness

I understand that it’s easy to get nervous when you find a woman you find attractive and interesting. This is only natural, and it happens to almost all guys. The problem with this isn’t so much that you’re feeling weak and vulnerable, but that so many men tend to let the woman know that they’re feeling this way.

Try and be adventurous. Don’t let on how nervous you are. You can challenge her by teasing her or being a bit flirtatious. This will help ensure that you come off from a position that demonstrates strength, rather than one that shows your vulnerability and weakness.

Most women will find this attractive, because it shows her that you’re strong and ready to keep her challenged.

Keep the Tension in Your Relationship

Tension doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In this case, I’m suggesting that you try and keep the sexual tension going. That initial spark of chemistry that drew you together needs to be nurtured. She might start reciprocating with little things that show she’s interested, but that is not the time for you to stop trying to instill a sense of attraction in her.

Actually, the opposite is true.

If you’re seeing positive results from your attempts to spark attention in a woman, that is the best time to turn up your game. I love to share the idea that you should never let the tension die down in your pursuit of attraction.

Get Playful, Tease Her!

man teasing womanI’m not talking about the annoying kind of teasing that some people do in order to get attention, I’m talking about the kind of teasing that is fun and playful. For example, you can make a statement, such as “You Love me” and see how she responds. If she’s indignant, but in an exaggerated sort of way, chances are that she probably really is in love with you.

Another very effective way of using teasing to build attraction is to make her think that you’re going to kiss her. As you get close and are about to touch lips, draw away with a smile. This type of playing has always been very effective in creating desire and attraction.

Keep teasing, I’m sure you’ll find positive results.

Never be Boring

When you want to attract a woman, being predictable is boring. Women don’t want to be able to have your behavior pegged into a predictable and boring pattern. I know it’s easy to fall into old patterns, but you really need to work at keeping up the spontaneity and excitement.

Women want there to be a little of the unknown, especially if you’re hoping to create attraction.

Unfortunately, being predictable seems to be standard issue for the vast majority of men; however, it doesn’t mean you have to follow that behavior. It might take some extra effort, but nothing will destroy that spark you’re trying to create faster than her being able to predict what you’re going to do or say.

Take Control and Show You’re a Leader

Keep in mind that there is a big difference between being a leader and being bossy. Women like it when a man can be decisive, but they don’t like it when you’re controlling. So, have an opinion and don’t fall back on the “I don’t know” line that is so frustrating for women.

You shouldn’t be a push over, but rather, an active participant in the relationship.

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    Sparking an attraction with women is important… but keeping that spark alive is something that’s crucial. That spark will keep her attached to you no matter what happens… there’s no cheating where sparkas are alive.

    I also write about making and keeping the interest alive, so I am glad to see other opinions and views!

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