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girl not texting back

Your Girl Not Texting Back? Here’s Your Guide To Survive!

Before cell phones and the Internet, a guy who sent a note to a girl would worry like this—Why isn’t she replying? Did I come across as a creepy and needy guy? Do I write another note? Or maybe I am
girl texting

What To Text A Girl? Here Are Some Tips!

Meeting a nice girl and getting her to give you her number is one of those things that are easier said than done. It is also just the first step to getting to know her. The real deal begins once you
texting mistakes

Texting Mistakes: How NOT To Get The Girl

With the technology that we have these days, the way men flirt with women has changed. Years ago, when a man wanted to flirt with a woman, he had to either do it in person or pick up the phone and
how to text a girl you like

Tips On How To Text A Girl You Like

Did she finally give you her number? Good for you! Now, you have a perfect chance to get to know her more and hopefully start dating her. Just be sure not to screw it up. Although texting is one of the