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PUA Openers: Never Use A Pickup Line Again

It’s no secret, getting somewhere with a beautiful woman can be difficult. In picking up women, the absolute most important part is your initial approach. Your approach sets the stage for the entire rest of your encounter with her. In fact,

How To Talk To A Girl On Facebook That You’ve Never Met

I know what you are thinking: girls, women are very complicated creatures. So complicated, in fact that walking on hot coals would be much easier than getting up the nerve to talk to them, especially the ones you’ve never met in

What It Takes To Become A Master Seducer

Defining what game really is and how we go about getting it are a major dilemma for most people. The truth is that game is a very illusive concept. For instance, just because you know a few dozen routines or a

Top 5 Most Famous And Recognized Pick Up Artists

The world of seduction is full of emerging trends when it comes to dating and getting the most beautiful, adorable and gorgeous beauties. There are many pick up artists who use language in clear eloquence and crafty manner to win the