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Things To Consider In Getting Back Together With An Ex

When my ex and I broke up, we decided that we would remain friends. After all, we were friends before we started dating. We did not make any conscious effort to make a change in our usual routine when we were

Online Dating & Flirting Tips For Men

Online dating can be a great way to meet new people and explore romantic possibilities at just about any point in your life. It is fast, easy, and, on some websites, completely free. However, a lot of men have trouble figuring

How Success with Women Changes Your Life in General

When I decided to learn how to seduce women I had no idea that this simple decision had such a major impact on my life. When I made the decision to overcome my fears of women and to approach them in

Dating Tips For Introverted Guys

Pop quiz! Do people tell you that you need to be more outgoing and sociable to meet women? Do people tell you that you’re a good listener? Do you hate going to noisy, crowded clubs? Do you hate going to parties?

What Are Some Good Things To Say When You Are Flirting With A Girl?

Pity the guy who comes on too strong and talks to a woman’s breasts instead of her face, the one who opens with a cheesy line and a leering grin. Ever wonder how certain guys are able to hit all the

8 Things That Turn Her On

If you are trying to better understand women and what turns them on, then you aren’t alone. Numerous men make attempts on a regular basis to fully understand women and what makes them tick. Do you remember the book Men Are

How To Successfully Flirt On Tinder

Tinder is an app which helps singles find other singles in their area from the comfort of their own home. When using Tinder, you no longer need to get dressed up and go out to a bar in order to meet

The Best Places to go on a First Date

These days, the first date has morphed into an entirely different concept from what it used to be. With Tinder having gone mainstream, most people meeting up for first dates have only seen each other through Facebook photos and a limited

5 Steps To Meeting And Attracting Beautiful Women

Have you ever had the idea that there is no way on earth that you could be good at attracting women? I think that there is a time in every guys life, even the hot ones, when this thought has crossed
dating truths

6 Hard Dating Truths You Need To Hear

The unadorned truth can be intensely uncomfortable to receive; that’s why little white lies are so popular and we would rather take both criticism and advice with a sweet sugar coating, especially in matters of romance. Hearing the truth often has