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13 Tips & Tricks For Successful Speed Dating

The world is a busy place and most people invariably find quality time for their personal wants and needs. If you’re one such busy person keen to spice up your love life, speed dating is your life jacket. Speed dating is

How Giving Women Too Much Attention Can Backfire

In the past, men were often advised to court women, and shower the ladies with attention, affection, and gifts. While this approach may have been useful in the distant past, it is not valid in today’s dating world. In fact, there

How To Talk To Women On The Phone

Are you a man that finds it difficult to talk to women on the phone? Maybe this problem began when you were an awkward teen and didn’t have the confidence to talk to the girls you liked. This problem doesn’t have

How To Flirt Through Eye Contact

If you are shy, it can make meeting women very difficult. Most shy guys have trouble going up to a woman who they find attractive, and having a conversation. For many men who are shy, flirting is a frightening concept. The

What Attracts A Woman Most To A Man

One question that I am frequently asked is: what attracts a woman most to a man? Some guys think that attractiveness is genetically determined, whereas others think that women gauge male attractiveness based on lifestyle factors. I intend to expose THE

Good Openers When Approaching Women

Every guy understands the value of a good pickup line. After years of shoving my foot into my mouth while trying to talk to a gorgeous woman, I decided to learn about pickup lines that work. It changed my life. Before

Top 7 High School Dating Tips

Dating in high school is a tricky subject because high school students are underage and there are many fun things they are not allowed to engage in, including; engaging in sexual acts and alcohol consumption. Dating in high school, however, is

Dating Tips For Introverted Guys

Pop quiz! Do people tell you that you need to be more outgoing and sociable to meet women? Do people tell you that you’re a good listener? Do you hate going to noisy, crowded clubs? Do you hate going to parties?

What To Do When She Doesn’t Respond?

It is a horrible feeling when you are interested in a lady and she does not respond to you. Knowing what to do when she doesn’t respond can make all the difference in the world. It is just a terrible feeling

Few Tips to Make it On The NYC Dating Scene

New York City Dating is different. That’s the least you can say. Undoubtedly, NYC is THE Outsider US City within the USA. Vibrant, energetic and exciting, it is one of the best city to find a date but also one of