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20 Legit (And Cheap) Summertime Dates That Don’t Suck

Summer is here and its time to bust out of your winter funk! If your like me and like to date inexpensively, I have made a list for you! While we can easily spend $100 on a bartab in any given
A beautiful couple sharing their compassion to each other on heavy rain.

10 Rainy Date Ideas!

With all of the rain in Los Angeles recently, I decided to write an article on rainy day date ideas! Who says the rain should stop you from having a good time on a date? Rainy days are actually the perfect

7 First Date Ideas You Really Should Avoid!

When you are planning a first date, there are a variety of things that you can do. The ideas are endless. However, it is important that you can decipher between what would be a good first date, and what would be

33 Fun First Date Ideas In The Winter

Going on that crucial first date in the heart of winter? Sometimes, it seems like there are endless fun date options in the summer, but there’s nothing at all to do in the winter. Don’t let the cold ruin your date

60 Simple And Inexpensive Date Night Ideas

Coming up with date night ideas can be challenging and a lighter wallet can really add to that challenge. However, there are many simple and inexpensive date night ideas that are guaranteed to put the sparkle back in your partner’s eye.

15 Fun Second Date Ideas To Impress Her

So you have had your eye on a certain someone and have been dreaming of sweeping her off her feet. You’ve mustered up the nerve to ask her out once—and, thankfully, it went well, but we all know first dates are

20 Unusual & Original Date Ideas

In an earlier post I already showed you the best places to go on a first date. Here’s another cool list of 20 unusual and original date ideas for those nights you don’t know what to do or where to go